Saturday, October 30, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 9, 10, & 11

The focus of my prayers in these days have been pretty much the same as in the last days.

Okay, here's a new technique that's less time-consuming: I'm blogging about camp weekly, so that I don't have to get on my blog EVERY SINGLE DAY. (But still I am praying seven times per day.)

New rule: This is not a rule, it's an option. Ever used the excuse, "I can't read my Bible very often because I'm CRAZY busy"? Well, here's something for those of you who can't drive yet. (Sorry Kayla...) On the way to these "places" you're going to, just bring your Bible, (for ladies that's easy, just carry a purse!) and read until you get there! No special times, just do it! I'm trying to read the books Esther and Job, but you choose the rest!

BC3: Today was Bethel Christian Community Connection! (to make a long story short, BC3.) I face-painted, and oh gosh, I had to paint like, five tiger faces! It's not hard, but it's crazy time-consuming... I also did an Ohio State "O". Yeah, it's pretty hard to mess that up, but I did! It was so fun, though! I painted with  and later, I talked with . It was fun!

Freedom Walk: I'm going on a freedom walk with WOTC today, and it'll be fun! This will be my first night EVER being outside on Halloween!
Hope Angelica Ezell.

Halloween is a holiday full of parties, tricks and treats, Charlie Brown, The Great Pumpkin, and all the candy a kid could possibly want. Some kids, like Charlie Brown, even get... rocks.

But what's Halloween... for real? Why do people dress as witches and ghosts? Why does everyone give away their candy? Hope Angelica Ezell investigates.

Where did Halloween originate?
Halloween is originally from Ireland, just to get that out of the way.

What's Halloween REALLY celebrating?
Halloween is a druid holiday, which in other words would be like the belief of trolls, dwarfs, and so on. So what's Halloween really celebrating? It's just an evil holiday that some of the Irish celebrated. Carving pumpkins has lots to do with it, but I like pumpkins, I have no problems with pumpkins.

What's "Trick Or Treat"?
You know what it is: some kids in costumes go up to your door and beg for candy and you give them candy. They say "trick or treat!" and you look at their cute faces and give them candy. But when they say that, have you dared yourself to say "trick"? They never give you tricks anymore! Just saying... But anyway, trick or treat was actually Christians trying to Christian-ize the holiday by giving to the poor. Sorry whoever did that, but it really didn't work... so now the trick or treat-ers are dressing up as monsters and vampires.... it just didn't work.

So if  Halloween  is everything you say it is, why do we still celebrate it?
I honestly do not know why we still celebrate Halloween. People used to sacrifice their children for this holiday, and yet us Americans are still willing to celebrate it. This is not another cute holiday, people! Wake up, America!
Well, it's time to go! I gotta go visit Izzy's blog and add some more music to our Mixpod playlist.

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