Saturday, November 13, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 22-25

This blog has come a long way. Just think: how many people have you and I inspired to start blogging??? Maybe a few. But the thought of simple weekly questions, posts, and five chapter long stories switched to Bible Challenges, articles to help you fully understand how important grammar is, to extended stories.

It seems like every single thing I've wanted is impossible, except for writing. Writing makes me feel like everything is possible. So I keep blogging. Keep typing. And that Neutrogena face wash??? Found it!!!

As you've noticed, we have a song of the week. It's called "Love Out Loud" and it's by Jaci Velasquez. It's a lot like Natalie Grant's "Human", but it's much more entertaining. I usually like Natalie Grant's music, but I really don't like her new CD, Love Revolution. It sounds too much like she's trying to sound "in", and not like the Natalie I enjoyed hearing when she was "relentless".

Love Out Loud (2008 cover) is saying that just like we need to be "human", we need to love each other, not silently, but OUT LOUD. We have to do better than what we're doing, because the pain in this world won't ever change if we save love for another day. This is the time for us to see the vision. Now is the time to break the silence and:

1) love out loud, let your loving be your voice
2) love out loud, together we can make some noise
3) love out loud, without fear
4) sing a song and let the whole world hear.

We need to be His hands, be His feet, be the people we were called to be. Take His love to the streets, and don't keep it to yourself.

That's all I can say. This is why we have talents. This is why you're a pageant queen and I'm the first runner-up. This is why you're the football quarterback and I'm a basketball cheerleader. Why you're a pastor and I'm a blogger. To spread the word. Pray for those around you, that they may find God. It's all a treat. It's not a trick. Love out loud.

(buy "love out loud" from iTunes today!)

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