Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 2

I prayed that today would be the best day ever! But it wasn't. One thing that I thank God for though, is that I had NO math today because I had to go to the vet (I'll explain that in a minute) and I helped Dad change our sink fosset thing.

I prayed for my food and that I would do good in school. I noticed that this prayer camp was not starting out so great. I had nothing to pray about, and already broke one rule. My lip balms all were colorful, like my lip balm "PINK!" from VICTORIA'S SECRET and "SLICK TINT" from AVON in the shade "rosy". (i think.) So I prayed that God would make all things right.

I prayed that Lexi's time at the vet would be GREAT. I prayed that church would go well tonight and that I would give it my all.

Okay, so Lexi's time at the vet was pretty good. She didn't pee or poop in the vet's office, so that was A. okay! But...

Lexi's been very swollen down south. It's been discolored, but don't worry, that's normal. But the swelling was bad. "Is she spaed?" asked the friendly veterinarian on Base. "Yes," my mom replied, and I quietly nodded, as if the lady noticed.

So like adult women do, they chit-chatted and finally, the lady said that Lexi's spay job was kinda... horrible. A bad job.

Lexi is from Columbus, originally. She was adopted from the Humane Society, for she was a stray. My friend Adela who's currently at Ohio State University adopted Lexi, and was sure that Lexi got spaed--- which Lexi IS spaed--- but that's the problem.

She's goin' through some weird time right now and it's like... really complicated, but it causes swelling in the female area to go UP&down. She still has some Ovarian tissue down there [most likely], and she needs to be spaed again. But if she still has some of her Uderus down there, she could develop a life-threatening disease.

So yeah... I prayed for my dog, because when she gets surgery, she has to wear a funnel thing on her head, which I'm totally gonna blog about, and I want her to feel fine. This however, isn' cheap. We're not getting it done on Base, so... we totally except Ca$h! LoL!

At around 3:15, me and Mom went to pick up "the girl" from school. But the girl decided to wait until we had been there twenty minutes waiting, to tell us she was going to stay for study tables.

So we went down to Family Christian Stores and I read a few books. (not the whole thing, of course!) First, I read a few pages of Karen Kingsbury's new book: "Unlocked". Then, I read a little bit of the devotional I'm doing with Kayla, Maria, Bec, and Faith. Then, I read "23 Questions About Hell". I really wanted to know!

I read all 23 questions and soon enough, I knew enough about hell that I didn't even have anything else to ask! However, no one fully understands Heaven and Hell except for God.

The last question was really something: "How do I know that I won't go to hell?" I always wondered that. What if I had it completely messed up and was sure to go to hell? Well, first of all, we ALL are deserving of hell. So if you believe Jesus is LORD, hell is nothing, for you're going to Heaven!

We know good people can't go to Heaven for just being good alone, but: who's standard of 'good' is it? What I think is good may be third world to you. Or vice versa.

I prayed that hell would not be a place for me, because it's no one's destiny.

I looked up stuff about Unity Churches and Labrynths and was like... "this does NOT measure up with God's word!" They believe all religions can make it into Heaven. They believe in meditation.

But what really ticked me off a little was that they think of Jesus as a "way shower".
Dear National Unity Churches:
Yes. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. But not all religions are making it to Heaven. And I read your statement of faith and you called Jesus a 'way shower'. Yes, he shows us the way, everyday.

Here's what's wrong Unity Churches everywhere: You left out one extremely important fact. What was it? "I'm forgiven..." Yep. Not just my favorite Sanctus Real song, but you left out the fact that Jesus died for YOU. You seemingly purposely skipped over that part, probably to not favor one religion. But let me say it how it is.

Jesus is the way show-er. For me, he's a savior. For you, he just shows ways. If you don't believe that he died with you in mind, the 'ways' you're learning are not teaching anything. Because you forgot the best and most important sermon.

Jesus is how to save a life.
Today was a Wednesday, as you can see by the date on top. Well, it wasn't too long of a day, but it was quite stressful. I'm so tired. So tired, I can't even wash my face or brush my teeth. (but don't worry, I'm brushing my teeth anyway.)

ThExperience was an experience! The sermon by Pastor Corey PERFECTLY described this camp that I am just repulsively (yes, that bad to the point of grossness) failing. I've forgotten nearly EVERY prayer time. But I will survive. I just need to devote more time to God. I need to pray for great days. I need to do good in school. I need to worship God with all my heart. I need to pray for good dog appointments. I need to pray to be with Jesus forever. I need to pray for other religions.

I need... to listen and stop doing all the talking.

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  1. Hopie (: I LOVE your blog! so amazing! and God is totally going to use this blog to reach so many people that I (and people like me) cant. (because blogging is just NOT for me lol) Its really really hard to stick to a schedule. i try really hard to wake up at 7:30 am. but like you said in your last post, those covers must have super glue or something on them(: and i really try to read my bible every morning for about 30 mins. I think i told you this Monday at bible study, but ive been working on reading the bible in 90 days. well thats not really working out so great so im going to try 180 days. this post just gave me that extra boost (: i know this was a really really long comment, but thats ok :) I LOVE YOU!


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