Saturday, December 4, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 40-46

Angel of Mercy, how did you find me? How did you pick me up again???
The small city of Huber always sleeps. There is no evening traffic. There are no malls or outlets in this town, you'd have to drive thirty minutes out of your way to find a mall in Fairborn. There is one place to take gymnastics. There are no Dillard's stores. Finding a prom dress is rare; you must go to Kohl's; there is only one newly-opened boutique. There is no K-Mart, it closed about a year ago. Nothing is very popular in this tiny suburb, we don't have many AVON women or news reporters.

But we have a football team. We are known nationwide. Our games are always featured on ESPN. Our quarterback was in Sports Illustrated. We have won many games. Colleges are fighting over our magazine-worthy Braxton Miller. We are a very civilized community. We have a great library. Our athletes are outstanding. We are friends.

We are: WAYNE.

We are going to the State Championships. Millions of people will watch us play. Michigan fears us. (Braxton is going to Ohio State.) We can only say that we have been transformed!

We used to lose basically every game. We used to be a school in the shadows. But the LORD of mercy has picked us up again! We are now staggering at the top! No school can ever steal OUR swagger ever again!
Another story of being picked up that doesn't have to do with football? I went skating yesterday and was going down a steep step, while wearing my skates and fell flat down onto my back. It really hurts right now. But, in the midst of what could have been, I am very happy. Could've paralyzed myself. But I'm free!
Here's another good story based on the true fact that the shoe doesn't fit unless God picks it out for you!

It's always fun to talk about a good deal, isn't it? Well then, shhhhh, because this deal is secret. I haven't told ANYONE about it.

Yesterday I went shopping at Goodwill, and I desperately need a dress for Cappucino Christmas. I went to the Ladies' Dresses section, and I found a wedding dress! With a train and everything! For only five bucks! I was like, WOW.... that's amazing! You can get that for $5,000 yet here you'll get it for $5.

So, here's what is REALLY important: I was looking through the dresses, (AFTER the whole wedding situation) and was trying to find a Christmas dress.

"Ugly, ugly, EWW! How'd that end up in ANY kind of store??? Ugly, ugly.... too pink, too blue, too green, too short, too prommy, weird-looking, ugly, ugly...."


"Hey! A dress fell! Okay, if this dress fell," I said, not even knowing what color it was yet, "There must be a reason. I just know that God wanted it to be there." I took a deep breath and bent down.


I can't wait to wear it! I can't give you details, because I've already told you too much. You'll see it on Wednesday, December 15!!! I'll take pictures afterwards for those of you who won't see me soon, (especially my volleyball peeps:*( Miss ya!) but otherwise make sure you go to ThExperience on the 15th! Most importantly, go on the 8th! $3.00 in advance, $5.00 at the door!

"I know something the prince never knew... All too soon, the clock will strike midnight, and she'll, Be, Gone."
What's Cappucino Christmas???

E-mail this blog today, and I will let you know the church address,
what to wear,
what to bring,
 what to pay,
 and who's the mastermind behind this spectacular event! (Idk who the mastermind is, but if you ask, I'll just say Pastor Corey.)

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