Saturday, August 28, 2010

Things That You COULD'VE and WOULD'VE Done This Summer

Oh, Summer twenty-ten, you were so fun for us this year. I went to Missions Extreme and you've given me the time to go. Oh, Summer twenty-ten, we have watched you age over the years and today you turned two thousand and ten years old... Oh, Summer twenty-ten!

You will greatly be missed. As we return to school and sports and piano and sewing, we will remember you as the summer that changed our lives... FOREVER.

Rest in peace, Summer twenty-ten! Summer twenty-ten... THERE WILL NEVER BE A TIME LIKE IT!!!!!
Oh, Summer twenty-ten... Did you like the freestyle poem??? Comment if you did! and tell me: What did you miss out on during Summer 2010? What was most enjoyable during Summer 2010???

I named this post what I named it because we all missed out on a lot this summer. Playing in sprinklers, running through streams, laying out a beach towel by the lake... here are some FREE things that you can do... NEXT SUMMER!

-Start a blog
-Make up a worship dance
-Write a song
-Write a poem that only YOU can read
-Make up your OWN gymnastic routine
-Learn a cartwheel
-Learn the splits
-Make a soda explode... DO OUTSIDE
-Read a book
-Get a facial, manicure, and pedicure DITY

-Run through the sprinklers
-Head to Thomas A. Cloud park, run through the stream
-Head to Eastwood Lake, go to the beach part, dip your feet in the water and sit on a rock
-Have yourself a home spa day filled with aromatherapy and a blowing fan

-Go see a little league baseball game
-Head to Thomas A. Cloud park, play volleyball, or relax in the sand next to the splash park
-Set up a day when you and only your closest trusted friends can hang out

You've seen what you could've done for free this summer... Did you do it? here's the top picks... what you HAVE TO DO next summer!!!! (stars symbolize that you need to do it)

*Make up a worship dance*
*Write a song*
*Write a poem that only YOU can read*

*Run through the sprinklers*
*Head to Thomas A. Cloud park, run through the stream*
*Head to Eastwood Lake, dip your toes in the lake, sit on a rock*

*Head to Thomas A. Cloud park, play volleyball, or relax in the sand next to the splash park*


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