Monday, August 23, 2010

Skip, Skip, Leap, and Then... OUCH!

Yes, this is another injury post. Yes, someone WAS harmed in the making of this post.

So, this is why I THINK I injured my kneee [again].

I was outside and there were puddles. I didn't want to get wet yet, so I figured if I jumped from the end of my driveway to the next thing of grass, (you know what I mean) I still wouldn't get wet. The grass was not wet, or so I thought...

YES, the grass ended up being wet! I slid right onto my you-know-what but landed on my hip, THE BAD ONE!!!!!!!!!

Somehow, after my baseball landing, on Sunday, I could just barely walk! Now, my parents are rethinking gymnastics... IN A BAD WAY!!!!

So what if my knee is swollen? So what if I can't put pressure on it? So what if I can't bend it? It's just a knee, right? I wish.

Speaking of wishes, Your Blog: my life and yours has NEW! music!

"Our God (is greater)"-Chris Tomlin
"God You Reign"-Lincoln Brewster
"Walk By Faith"-Jeremy Camp

I still have some of the old songs, like:

"Psalm 73"-BarlowGirl
"I Like Me"-Kirk Franklin
"Get Up"-Mary Mary
"Call on Jesus"-Nicole C. Mullen
"Completely"-Ana Laura (the song Chloe sang)
"Forgiven"-Sanctus Real (the song I sang)
"There Will Be a Day"-Jeremy Camp

And over 40 more hits! Music is more than songs on a blog,it's part of a blog ministry. If you don't have good music, people can easily just log onto YouTube and listen to whatever. Also, many Christians don't listen to Christian music. Providing only Christian music on an international blog like this will provide better things to go into their heads.

Also, we have a new Matt Maher song, "Hold Us Together".

"This is the first day of the rest of your life"... It's my first day of school today and am totally bummed. Who wants an injured knee on the day you have to go back to math and science and History... possible Pre-Algebra maybe????

What I want you to do today is find at least five songs on the playlist that you've NEVER heard before and listen to them. I don't care if you're on the blog or you're on Facebook, but just LISTEN.


  1. Hope! I love your blog! Im sorry you hurt your knee!! Love you! Hope your first day of school is great!! :)


  2. It WAS great! And today was a great day too! My knee is slowly getting better and school was a breeze! I just wish I could start school after Labor Day like I used to...


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