Saturday, August 7, 2010

Green Patriot!

The fair ended today...:( I had my third funnel cake this week and got a gift card to Books & Company.

I actually got a Reitter's gift card, but a boy had the card I wanted, so I noticed things, important things, so I kept record in my head:

He was a short (compared to me, at least) male, had buzz-cutted brown hair, a hat on (possibly John Deere), skinny, wearing baggy jeans and a T-shirt. His card was five dollars and for Books And Co.

I ran up to him about ten minutes later, (because I kept track of where he went) and all I had to do was:

"Uh... hi."
"Do you have a gift card?"
"Yeah." (he reached in his pocket.)
"Is it five dollars?"
"Books and Company?"
"Would you rather have yummy, delicious ice cream?"
"Sure, whatever."

I GOT THE CARD! I can't believe I kept track of his everything--- and didn't screw it up! Call it a photographic memory, call it crazy, call it weird, call it stalker-ish. (I admit, that was a stalker's move.) But it worked! My memory is great! I count myself as someone with a photographic memory, (I remember what I WANT to remember... too bad that excludes school work.) since I can still remember Prims lessons from second grade and Olympic champions from 1988, (before I was born) I can even remember who stood behind me when I modeled! (Her club was the Creative Christian Clovers. Her project was Tops For Tweens. Brown hair. Tall, but shorter than me. Great smile. First place in modeling in Greene County for our project.)

I remember things. I remember the guy who made me funnel cakes a week ago, and then the day after that. I remember my first gymnastic/cheer coach. I remember my first best friends. I remember my preschool babysitter at church.

Yes, I remember some odd things. I remember things some of you have said that you don't even remember saying. I hope I can keep track of the countries and states reading my blog! My goal: Remember each flag, learn bits and pieces of each language, help someone get saved by simply reading my blog!

Country Count: NEW! India! Thailand and Australia like the blog so much, they visited again!

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