Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Bible Challenge: Boyfriends are SO over-rated!

Sorry, I told you the Bible Challenge would start up again in September after we're all back in school, but I only had six Proverbs, and it's STILL the beginning of August!

We are entering a new book, Song Of Solomon, well known as Song Of Songs. It is about the joy of marriage when kept pure.
This book is serious about awakening love when you are supposed to, it stress this so much that it says it THREE times! Just think:

-The Bible has answered remaining questions about Twilight
-The Bible has answered our bully questions
-The Bible has told us about why atheists are who they are
-The Bible has told us that our God's enough

And now, it's telling us---written thousands of years ago and still trying to get the message across---that we don't need a date until we feel we're ready. (twelve-year-olds out there--- you THINK you're ready, but you really are NOT ready. Not ready at our age!)

Song Of Solomon 2:7, 3:5, 8:4
Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you by the gazelles and the does of the field: do NOT arouse or awaken love until it so desires.

See? The Bible has answered one more thing (on the growing list).

-Don't get a boyfriend/girlfriend until you know he/she is the one!

I have many friends who have so-called boyfriends (I don't know WHY they call them boyfriends--- they're like, TEN years old and have not gone on a date like, EVER!)

I give them a year-old lecture: (first used it on a friend of mine, you may know who. Ka...)

"Why get a boyfriend if you can't go on a single date? Why get a boyfriend if you don't hang out with him? Why get a boyfriend if he has no money? (as in, you have no money to go ON a date) Why get a boyfriend if your dates are at McDonalds and he only has a three-wheel bike! I'm not mad at you, and I can't force you to agree with me. But you need to ask yourself: Do I want to waste months of my LIFE with a boy I may never marry?"

That lecture is quite old, and you may have received this lecture, so you know I'm serious when I talk to you about dating--- Seriously, I am NOT kidding! You know me, I have gazillion crushes. Many of my friends say: "Don't lecture her, you're not any better!" WRONG!

I'm not BETTER, but have I ever said, "I wanna go out with..." NO you have NOT heard me say that! And, second of all, you're not 'going out' with ANYONE at our age! That's another thing! Kids our age don't know about dating, so why even try??? Oh, the smartest kids can even be fooled by dating issues.

Many things the girls say back is: "But EVERYONE dates.. I'll be the ONLY girl who doesn't!" Don't you think I've noticed? That's why I GIVE the lecture in the first place!

My advice: Girls and boys can set a WAY better example when they don't date than when they do.

Country Count: Eighteen! Peru!


  1. Hey Hope I finally started my blog back up again! come read!

  2. I'm so proud of you, Drewwy!!! (I'm having a great day, other than extreme hunger, so I felt like saying "Drewwy") I'm glad you finally started blogging after like, three months of no blogging! I have more music than ever today:

    "Completely- Ana Laura
    "We Need Each Other"-Sanctus Real
    "Get Up"-Mary Mary
    "In The Morning"-Mary Mary

    Keep blogging, never stop!


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