Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reasons You Need A Two-Year Anniversary Blog Book

First of all, nineteen different countries including the U.S. are reading THIS blog! The newest is Africa!

It costs only $14.95 and you can get discounts!

The blog has great giveaways, but you MUST be a U.S. resident and follower of the blog! (one giveaway includes a free Ab Lounge.)

It's a real blog, in a book, at your fingertips!

No internet? Nearly 300 posts to keep you occupied!

The Bible Challenge. Seek God through reading a book.

Prayer Camp. Soon to come, 70 days of prayer, 7 times a day, and a book to show every bit of it.

Exclusive stuff! Read things I don't even remember blogging about.

Know about me before anyone else. You get first notice of my everything.

Friendship. "Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends..." Comment on my blog and let me know you're here--- not only will I comment on YOUR blog, but your comment will show up in the book!

A good deal. Hundreds of amazing and breath-taking posts, for only fourteen dollars???? Colorful photos, long posts, chit chat, information you didn't know I knew, real opinions, news reports, fun posts that will make you say: "What in the world?" Yeah. This book--- not just a book, an INTERNATIONAL BOOK--- is only fourteen dollars, but is valued at maybe thirty dollars. It is worth so much more, and your blog is worth a lot too.

That is why on February 24th, 2011; I need to know if you want a 2 year birthday present--- the book of the blog that the world loves. (a bit exaggerated.) Only fourteen dollars. Only ninety-five cents. Only softcover. (Hardcover books--- $26.99) Come on, you KNOW you can't resist one.

You've seen all the reasons you need one. The real question is, will you GET one???

(Let me know how I'm blogging! Let me know about your desperately needed book! Money due March 1. )

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