Monday, August 16, 2010

The Bible Challenge: Flawless

Your definition of flawless??? Perfect acne-free skin? Long curly eyelashes? Perfectly frizz-free hair? (something I may never have.) Long fingernails? The ability to swim? The way to jump off the diving board with no fear? Make the competitive gymnastics team? (I'm trying out for Dayton Academy's team) Make the Varsity cheerleading team? (I saw Wayne's varsity cheer practice today) Make it into the Dayton Regional STEM School? Anything you DON'T have???

I agree with you. Yes, I have perfect acne-free skin, almost, that is. Yes, I have curly eyelashes. Yes, I have long fingernails. Yes, I can swim. Yes, I was a cheerleader. But even with all that, I still have some freckles and facial issues, I still have stubby eyelashes, I still have hair frizz and static, I have flimzy nails, I still can barely swim, I still can't dive off the diving board without a major freak-out, I'm still not a competitive gymnast, I'm not a cheerleader anymore and my only 'team' is FAITH now, I'm not old enough for DRSS, and I don't have a lot.

See? Under all that beauty and all those talents, we all have problems and fears. Like, Hayley Williams is a great singer, but she even has her pitchy points. Trust me, right now I'm listening to "Born For This" by Paramore.

Song Of Solomon doesn't call beauty what we are in person, but what we are underneath.

Song Of Solomon 4:6-7
Until the day breaks and the shadows flee, I will go to the mountain of myrrh and to the hill of incense. All beautiful you are, my darling; there is no flaw in you.

It's so romantic, isn't it! It's saying, mainly, well... it's saying ALL beautiful you are, there IS no flaw in you.

It's like that with God because He IS flawless. For example:

I'm not perfect because yes, I learn music by ear and not by notes, which is pretty cool you have to admit, (I get the ability from my dad.) but not every note is perfect. I learned "Airplanes" by B.o.B. almost perfectly on piano, but it took forever to find that last note!

God is perfect because He already knew how to play that song on EVERY instrument! (However, it's not a Christian song, so I don't think God would play it anyway.)

But no matter how many flaws you find in yourself, God doesn't look at your flaws. God looks at your heart. At your personality. And if you base your life on fixing your so-called 'flaws', your personality won't seem too different from your flaws.

Sure, I wouldn't call myself all that pretty, and I see many girls on the street and I just wish I was as pretty as them, or maybe guys don't like me, but your life is worth so much more than your looks.

And these three remain...

Country Count: Twenty-two! Finland and North Korea!

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