Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh. My. Gosh.

You know what I really hate? When people say "Oh my God!" It's SO unneccesary, but today, I really think I have a prayer, and I'm not saying God's name in vain when I say this--- "Oh God! Please help me!"

I have been BEGGING my mom for me to get a gym evaluation for the... the... the... DAYTON ACADEMY OF GYMNASTICS AND DANCE!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh! She scheduled an evaluation for Mon... Mon...!!! Oh my gosh!

I'm going to participate in one of the classes and the coach will see how I perform... OH MY GOSH! I'm gonna be HORR. I. BLE.

Even me, the girl FULL of positive thinking, is FREAKING OUT!!!! My knee is healing, but the problem? Big. Here's all my mountains that are impossible to move:

-The big back walkover
-My S...L...O...W... back handspring
-ALL of my bar accomplishments (very bad accomplishment, like splintering my hand)
-My front vault. What if I rebound off of my head--- AGAIN????

Oh gosh. I have lots to worry about. Can you help me? Please pray with me that I'll do good and AT LEAST make the level 3 team, (but I'm going for my level I'm in right now, which is four.) because even if I don't, it means so much to me! Love you!

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