Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Bible Challenge: Tomorrow

Hey! It's me listening to "Airplanes" again! I'm trying to learn it really well, because I'm learning it on piano!

What do you have to do tomorrow? Don't answer that. You don't know, so don't say "I'm spending the night at Lisa's" or "I'm going to the fair." Anything can happen.

I thought I would have seventeen countries today, but instead, I got sixteen. (Vietnam.)

Proverbs 27:1
Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.

I went to the awards ceremony at the Greene County Fair, and saw the Prince, Princess, Runner-Up Queen, Runner-Up King, King and Queen. And I was like:

Next year, I'm eligible to apply for princess! I mean, what girl doesn't wanna be the Greene County Princess? You get to wear a cute sash that says "2010 Greene County Princess" and a cute tiara! No pageants, not based on beauty, just something fun! So I'm like: "Great! I'm gonna be the princess next year!" I mean, how hard could it be?

You just have to fill out an application about your projects, which can't be hard, because I mean, this year, I got first place in the junior fair in creative writing and second place in modeling and sewing, so becoming princess? Piece of cake--- or so it sounds.

But many girls apply for that position, so I can't say anything about my non-existent princess position. But, I can still believe that I'll become the, THE Greene County Princess. I just can't brag about it. However, if I DO become princess, you might hear A LOT about it.

My point is, if you THINK something will happen, don't be so sure... some other girl may grab the princess tiara instead of me, and then I'll end up disliking the girl, when I should be asking for pictures with her and having a great time! Also:

There's no guarantee of a tomorrow. What if the rapture happens tomorrow? What if you get into a car accident tomorrow? Don't brag about tomorrow, focus on today.

Next in The Bible Challenge: Proverbs 31:30!

New Country: Vietnam! Sixteen countries! Please pray for the people of such exotic countries like these, and pray for the United States! Thank you if you have been praying! Next language to learn, (previously French) Spanish!

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