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The Bible Challenge: Proverbs EXCLUSIVE!

This Proverb was so exclusive, I barely even knew what it was!

Country Count: Twenty-six! Germany! -Hoffnung

Did you know my name is Hoffnung? That's right, I know my name in quite a few languages now, thanks to my friend Vanessa. Yes, the interviewee Vanessa.

Hope (English-American)
Esperance (French)
Esperanza (Spanish)
Hoffnung (German)
Pag-asa (Tagalog)
Umut (Turkish)
희망 (Korean)

Cool, eh? Today in church, I did something VERY good... what do you think it was???

I passed out papers for my blog! These people that got it, (no names) have probably never been to my blog before... a great way to enlarge the community of this blog, and other blogs like it!


The exclusive Proverb is very exclusive and classified... SHHHHHH!

Okay, go on and read it...

Proverbs 27:5-6 (grab your Bible so you can read it with me)
Better is open rebuke than hidden love. Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.

I know, so exclusive, right? That's why I haven't talked about our exclusive Proverb, that's why I haven't told you where it is located, and why I haven't told you when I would post it. What a way to keep something exclusive, exclusive, isn't it?

This verse took a lot of reading to be truly understood. I still don't understand that much, but HELLO, I'm still young, I have time to find out what it means, and I WILL try to answer the challenge.

First of all, (oh, this really IS a challenge...) why is open rebuke better than hidden love? Tell me what YOU think.

I think it's better because I mean, how can you even try to hide love?

Open rebuke is like correctiing someone, and OBVIOUSLY NOT hiding it. How bold is that?

It's funny how in JBQ today, two of the younger girls, Izzy, ( and Elayna ( were studying the SAME question, one that has to do with rebuking!

ME: Question, question number one for thirty points. QUOTATION (said in an exaggerated tone to scare Izzy, didn't work) QUESTION. Is all the Bible inspired?

IZZY: John 3---

ME: Nope, say it again.

IZZY: Oh! 2 Timothy 3:16; All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, (believe it or not Izzy, you paused a little.) rebuking, (another pause) correcting and training in righteousness.

ME: Here you go. (I gave her back the card because she got it right.)

Elayna got it right, too! You go girl(s)! Did I tell you Elayna's sister turned four? Yep, that Abby. Adorable, squishy, (in a good way) chubby-cheeked Abby. That's little Abby all right! Little P.K. (preacher's kid.)

So, an open correction/rebuke is better than hidden love? Yes. Do not hide love! No, not mushy boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife love. Just... love. For example: I love you. No, I may not have a crush on you, but I can still love you for who you are.

Then, where it talks about friends and enemies... sounds weird, I know. But I think I have a definition of this one.

If a friend hurts your feelings, like...

-Talks behind your back
-Lies to your face
-Says rude things to your face
-Says rude things about your family
-Demands for you to do things like they hired you

There's ALWAYS forgiveness! At least there is with a true friend, because it's a simple mistake that chances are, they feel bad about, too.

But enemies are different, and in this case; there ARE no frienemies. (cross between friend and enemy, I have one.) An enemy who does something wrong will multiply and multiply and multiply in the SAME sin. It's easier to forgive a friend than an enemy.

I am reading Colossians 3:13. Read it with me and you'll see how easy forgiving is!

Next in The Bible Challenge: Get ready!!!! Matthew is next, with an exclusive to follow! We will read about Christmas, the crucifixion, Jesus' miracles, salt and light, and more!

If you remember the first verse of Proverbs 27, in my view the wisest chapter in the Bible, there's a post for that.

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