Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Secular To Gospel Week: Rock Day!

Welcome to Secular To Gospel Music Blogging Week Day 3! Today it is rock day, and we have a double showdown: Paramore vs. Fireflight and Krystal Meyers.

Paramore's "Decode" versus... (I didn't pre-watch this, so don't blame me if anything shows up. Well, you can blame me because I should've pre-watched it, but I'm at Maria's and she wants me to speed up)

Fireflight's "Unbreakable".

Paramore's Message
Is there really even a message?

Fireflight's Message
You can be stronger than your enemies.

So... the difference?
Notice, for Paramore, (they are my FAVORITE band) I said, "Is there even really a message?", saying, if there was a message, it wasn't really a positive one and it kinda makes you feel how Hayley is feeling in this song---probably mad---and not very great. In "Unbreakable", it's about not being defeated by your enemies and returning stronger.

Uplifting rock? Did that even exist before? Now it does.


Paramore's "CrushCrushCrush" versus...

Krystal Meyers' "Can't Stay".

Paramore's Message (again...)
Their friends are coming between her and some guy (I think... I thought "She'd never sing of love if it does not exist"? I guess they're the only exception...) and they're telling lies ("They taped over your mouth scribbled out the truth with their lies...") and no one knows the truth anymore. She wants them to be "more than... this."

Krystal's Message
In a situation like "CrushCrushCrush", she can't stay and wants to be more than this, with God's help.

So... the difference?
I honestly love both songs. I have an entire album and one song by Krystal Meyers on my iPod and if I could, I'd have two Paramore albums. But, I must admit... Krystal did it better.

Again, Paramore's song kinda makes you mad, because Hayley is probably mad when she wrote this. Krystal's song is about more than untrustworthy friends and lies, it's about God helping you rise above the situation.

"I need You to fill the empty space, and save me from this place... I can't stay..."
-Krystal Meyers

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