Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book Waiting List

Hey! I'm back! I'm starting to get back into the groove of things and starting to LOOOVVVEEEE blogging again! Yipee!

So, today I thought I might just tell you about the stories I have on my mind and where I am going with my writing dreams.

Bury The Castle
Inspired by Paramore's "Brick By Boring Brick", this is a half-fantasy story about a girl who is in a coma and enters a strange world. That's all I know so far, but I think I'm going to love this book! Click here to view the story line through this awesome music video where Hayley wears her natural hair color, blonde! I'm so excited for my first fantasy!

New Perspective
Believe it or not, this is the story "The Interstate", with major changes. I decided that it wasn't too bad a book, it was just a little dry. So, I made some huge changes. I didn't want my characters to have similar names to people I know, so Chloe is now named Hayley. (Even though I do have a friend named Hayley.) Jeremy is now named Michael. This is a story about two Christians, Hayley and Jonathan, who are involved in a car accident with two other friends, McKenna and Michael. They are all in the car together, and because the accident is so severe, McKenna is killed (Don't know how yet... the old way was strangled by a seat belt, but I want something bigger...), and Jeremy is killed after six hours in the hospital. Hayley was best friends with McKenna and her boyfriend was Michael. Jonathan was friends with Michael and his girlfriend was McKenna. McKenna was a strong believer, but Michael was not a Christian at all. Shaken by the fact that this could ever happen to them, the two teenagers become depressed and such and such. Later in the story, the two teenagers connect and become great friends (possibly more if I feel the need) and gain a new perspective of the world to reach out to the lost. Click here to read the lyrics and hear the song that inspires this book, "New Perspective" by Fireflight. I love Fireflight, you need to check out their songs. They're pretty much better than Paramore because they have a Christian message.

Viva Las Vegas
I realized the plot I showed you before was slightly dry. This is a story about a girl named Sera who goes on a trip to Las Vegas with a group of seniors at her high school in Reno. This plot will have to undergo a LOT of contstruction before I even consider putting it out there for everyone to read.

This will be a series about two teenage supermodels. The books in this saga will be

"Teenage Dream"

It will only be two books about young models, April and (unknown name... Harley or Bayleigh???) unknown name. I don't know the plots yet, but I'm going to like these books!

Never Say Never
HaHa this one makes me laugh a little! Inspired by the Bieb man's song, this will be about a young writer (or singer... hmm...) with big dreams and how they start from nowhere and end up somewhere. It's better than it sounds!

More books to come! I'm excited!!!!!! I hope to have "Bury The Castle", "Unspoken", and "New Perspective" out before I go to college.

I don't know.... writing is a roller coaster!

If I ever start to think straight, this heart will start a riot in me, let's start, start, HEY!

P.S. It's official... My band is performing on Sunday! We're so going to rock!

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