Thursday, April 21, 2011

Secular To Gospel: Inspirational Day!

Ugh... today was yet ANOTHER additional band practice, and like, randomly in the middle of it, my throat started hurting and got all scratchy. It didn't affect (Affect? Effect?) my voice, but it sure was a little annoying.  (I'm actually coughing right now if you want details.)

Today was my dad's knee surgery and I spent the night at Maria's. You might've seen that from last night's post saying that I didn't pre-view "Decode" because Maria wanted me to speed up.

ANYWAY! I'm getting way off subject and by the time I'm back on, I won't have space for our music week! So yeah, my dad had surgery and is sleeping (at home, not in a hospital!) right now. He has some weird ice machine for his knee and the doctors said his knee is doing better! So that's good!
Today, we have another double showdown... Kings Of Leon, Luminate, Justin Bieber, and Mandisa.

Kings Of Leon's "Use Somebody" versus...

Luminate's "Come Home".

Kings Of Leon's Message  
They could really use a friend right now... well, a girlfriend, really.

Luminate's Message
You can't play God in your own life, ("You don't have to believe me..." Sorry, quoting Paramore) you need to surrender to God and "come home".

So... The difference?
Huge. Kings Of Leon does not have a huge message at all. I mean, seriously. "Someone like you... somebody." That's it. Luminate is telling you God is the only way to make things right in your life, not you.

This is the next challenge, Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" versus....

Mandisa's "Stronger".

Justin Bieber's Message
You can do anything you set your mind to. Don't let anyone bring you down, pick yourself back up, know your dreams are achievable, and never say never.

Mandisa's Message
Similar to "Never Say Never", God can take something horrible and turn it into something beautiful.

So... the difference?
Okay, I must admit, I only picked Mandisa's song to go with his because the beginning sounds like a JB song. (Mandisa with Justin Bieber... I'd buy that!) But, they have similar messages, so no need to explain!

The difference, if there is one, is that Justin Bieber (who is a Christian but sings mainstream) is motivating you to never say never, but Mandisa is never saying never with God.

This is gonna make you stronger, stronger...

PS! I think my band will make Nationals! I sang both parts today, lead on the verses, backup on the chorus. I've been singing for Mariah for awhile now. Mariah... COME BACK!!!!
PPS! How will we get to Nationals if we make it when they're in Phoenix??? Don't make us drive to Arizona in the middle of summer... I could totally see myself getting really sick really fast.
PPPS! I changed the title of "Loser!" to "Never Say Never"! Forget about the original plot of "Never Say never", I'm using "Loser!" but changing the title and editing.
PPPPS! Visit Gymnastics IS Life! to see my new design!

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