Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So Excited!

Today, I have to ditch Wednesday's Walk because my scanner won't scan in the thing necessary. Well, I guess that leads me to this post.

Well, on Sunday my band is performing and I'm SOOOOOOOO excited! My first and only night as the leader of the band! Luckily, at the actual competition, Mariah is our leader, so no pressure is on me. (Except for I have to perform in front of people I've known for eight years! Yikes!) But this will be so much fun.

My problem? Stage presence. Actually, everyone in the band except for Mariah has a problem with that.

Mariah said we should watch Paramore music videos and follow their example. She's right, after all, Hayley has great presence, same for Jeremy and Taylor and such. But Paramore sure isn't Paramore without Josh and Zac...

Anyway! I just need to work in that area (especially for my vocal solo) very badly.

I am sorry that I couldn't do much today, but check me out tomorrow, and on Friday, we have Victoria Kasten's long delayed interview.

Shout out to my mom: Thanks for the two UNUSED notebooks!

And, if I get to lead next year, since it will be Nathan's and Brian's last year, I want it to be the best, so I have pre-picked "One More" by Superchick or "Thsi Could Be Our Day" by ADDISON ROAD>

It's just my imagination!

Lots of writing to do....


"It's just my imagination.... running away with me..."

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