Monday, April 25, 2011


Ugh... one thing I hate about myself is that I always set up impossible standards for myself, which really sucks when I don't succeed and makes me feel horrible about myself. It just makes me so angry and makes me want to:

Pull my hair out + Cry + Throw random things around + Not literally kill somebody + Bury my head in my hands + Hide myself away for days + Sometimes put myself in hiding for weeks (never happened yet) + Eat excessive amounts of food + Do nothing forever = One messed up kid.

Do the math.... I have always had a problem with wanting to be perfect.

I brought this up for Fine Arts this week, and probably should be prepared for disappointment. Not in my band--- no way! But in my solo entries.

My title for my story, Love Out Loud, was in 72 point font, but everything else was 12 point. The rules said 12 point, but what if.... what if that includes my title? If they count that, there is no way I'm making Nationals. But that's okay, I know someone who made the same mistake...

For my solo, they split up the Juniors (Middle School Students) and the Seniors. (High School Students.) That's great, because that increases my chance of making Nationals. BUT, I judged myself, (There again, I'm too critical. I'm a perfectionist...) and I only gave myself 32 points. I didn't violate any rules, but I just need to work in some areas. If you're singing this year and you're nervous, you should try working on this... I'm sure many other seventh grade singers have these exact same problems:

  • Display of vocal range (And displaying it good)
  • Communicative skill
  • Expressiveness
  • Stage presence (My favorite... NOT)
  • Articulation
  • Breathing (My second favorite... NOT)
  • Phrasing (Used to be one of my biggest problems)
  • Tone quality (is harder than you think)
I'm working on it, and hopefully, we both do good! And hopefully, we both make Nationals!

And remember... Nobody's perfect. I'm still working on knowing that, and we all wanna be perfect in one way or another. But if you accept that failure exists everywhere, you'll accept it ten times better than I normally do. =)

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