Monday, April 18, 2011

Secular To Gospel: Piano Rock/Pop Day!

Welcome to day one of Secular to Gospel Music Blogging Week! The purpose of this week is to help you find good Christian music that's not dull or boring, but reminds you of the sounds of your other favorite artists! Today, we have Avril Lavigne vs. Audrey Assad.

Avril Lavigne's "When You're Gone" (fave song by her!)...

Versus Audrey Assad's "For Love Of You".

Wanna know what I think? I honestly hate the beginning of "For Love Of You"... it sounds weird. But. The timing of the songs totally work well together.

"When you're gone..."
"For love of you..."

Don't they sing those lines in the same key and the same kind of way? (If Audrey Assad's song sounds familiar to you, maybe it's because Kristen is singing that for Fun Arts.)

"The pieces of my heart..."
"I'm a sky on fire..."

Before Avril says "...are missing you", she leaves off on almost the exact same note as Audrey.

"The face I came to know..."
"I come alive..."

Just like the last part, they are very close to the same notes.

"When you're gone, the words I need to hear to always get me through the day..."
"It's Your sacred heart within me beating, Your voice within me singing out..."

They are further apart on the note scale now, but they have very similar timing, there.

Avril's Message
She can't stand a day without whoever's 'gone'. She needs them there to get through the day.

Audrey's Message
She is reflecting God's light, and it's a love song to Him.

So... the difference?
They are both singing about someone, obviously, but although Avril can't stand a day away from this particular person, most likely a dead loved one or a boyfriend, (Avril is said to be a Christian, but she can barely go a song without cussing... that doesn't mean she's not a Christian, it's just you don't know who to believe. In Hollywood, everyone is supposedly a 'Christian') but the difference is Audrey is singing about God. Avril can't live without him, (lowercase 'H') but Audrey's life is reflecting His.

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