Friday, April 15, 2011

Before You Reach the Flashpoint (pt. 2)

Sorry about yesterday's humungous post, today concludes it, in a hopefully smaller post.

Next step is your SWAT team. Which side are you on? Of course, "the good one", but what SWAT team are you on?

This is based on Pastor Brown's sermon completely about the SWAT thing.

Is this your SWAT team?

Or is this your team?

Sometimes, I'm on team 2. Many times, when I do something wrong, or am about to, I think through it really hard. I try to keep myself from doing it, but many times, I fail and many times, create a compromise with myself.

I try to stay clear of the flash point, but for everyone, it's hard sometimes.

When I fasted in October, it helped me stop compromising as much as I used to. I still do it sometimes, but it's ten times better. My church is fasting right now, but I decided to take a break off fasting to discover what I need to fast from. So, this October I will be fasting major spending money and secular music. That includes all YouTube.

I believe it will make a difference....

Before You reach the flashpoint.

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