Monday, April 11, 2011

Mispell Munday~Anyone Up For Some Ham?

This is my "mispell" about seeing Ken Ham at CLC today.
Let's jsut say I had a vrey sroe thraot today. Dno't wrory, it's becuase yesterday I did a lot of singing at bnad prcatice.
Daer Fine Arts Judges,
Yuo're going to lvoe us!

Best bakcup singer ever,
Tdoay, I had "Never Say Never" stcuk in my haed. Why? I dno't know! Soon, that will be my msot used label--- I gaurantee it!

Can I tell you something? I really am good at spelling, so the things spelled wrong are like that on purpose.

So anyway, I wnet to the Christian Life Center tdoay to see Ken Ham (founder of Answers in Genesis)! From waht I haerd, I tihnk he has something agianst poodles:) Anyway, he was a graet spaeker. We will be seeing him agian tonight!

See ya L8R!

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