Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Will Never Say Never

Okay... I'm probably really starting to sound like a Belieber now, but this song REALLY inspires me.

Today was the Fine Arts Showcase, and first, let me just say I had butterflies in my stomach, and then "a Brittany song was on..." =P Sorry, it didn't happen that way.

It was a busy weekend for our band. Actually, for Fine Arts period. Yesterday, we had practice from 12 to 2 p.m., and my singing was not that good. Not Samm good, not Mariah good, not Abby good, not Coryn good, not Mrs. Heather good, not Mrs. Jenilee good, not Mrs. Lee Ann good, not Mrs. Donna good, not Justin Bieber good. Not very good.

The drumming was not very.... on beat. Mrs. Sandy tried to tell Brian, and he understood, but he was just like, "I try to keep [a steady beat]... I just can't do it."
"I can't do it."

In my mind, I'm like, "Brian! Never say never!" And then, my singing got all screwed up. In my mind, I'm thinking,

"Dude, I cannot do this. I will never be able to do this. I will never be as good as Mariah, so taking her spot for the showcase is gonna be a disgrace to the band."

I told myself my new motto, "Never say never", but even then, it was like "Never say never? NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER EVER will I ever be able to do this. Ever."

Never? Really, honey? Well, tonight made me and Brian's 'Nevers' seem foolish. Practice before was a little shaky, with Nathan breaking a guitar string, the main one he uses, E, (It's the second one I've seen him break) Josh not knowing how to tune his guitar and his amp making a weird noise, and me with that tiny, quiet voice.

Well, we pushed on anyway. Nathan luckily had another guitar, Josh's noise problem was fixed, and my voice got louder. Never? Really? Never say never.

What turned it around? Justin Bieber music and Pastor Corey and Brian accusing me of having the Bieber Fever? No. I think... it was prayer.

Before we got ready to perform, waiting backstage, the band did a group prayer lead by Nathan (doesn't matter who prayed... just giving details), and when we were ready to perform, Pastor Jay said a prayer when it was the beginnning of service. It calmed down my nerves... and...

There's just no turning back when your heart's under attack. Gonna give everything I have, it's my destiny! I will never say never... I will fight 'til forever... Whenever you knock me down, I will not stay on the ground, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up up up... and never say never.


  1. my mom said you did a really good job Hope!!!!!!!you voice didn't waver it was nice and strong and you stayed on pitch and if i had one suggestion i would like to see more facial expression about what you are saying i think you have a bright future in music ministry Hope (sorry it is so long izzy)

  2. you did an amazing job Hope! I was SOOO proud of you!!! Yes, I agree with Izzy... Just SMILE more! :)


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