Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sick At Fine Arts

Okay... so I was sick at the showcase, and now it's worse. Sick at the festival.

Two very important things are happening tomorrow: The royal wedding at Westminster Abbey and the Fine Arts Festival.

Shout out to Prince William and Kate: Did you HAVE to plan your wedding on the same day as Fine Arts? I could honestly care less about both your marriage and the wedding, (sorry... that was kinda mean) but I really want to see Kate's dress. And William, I heard you don't want to wear a wedding ring. That's your personal preference, but if I were Kate, I'd be a little bit offended by that. What bad can a ring do by wearing it?

Anyway. Fine Arts is tomorrow. It was bad enough being sick yesterday, because I performed

Worse than I was hoping. Today, my nose is less stuffy, (the main thing that was holding me back) but now my throat is scratchy and I can't stop coughing. Bad... I can't damage my throat today....

FINE ARTS IS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!! GAAAHHHH!!!!! OH NO!!!!!!

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