Saturday, April 16, 2011

Band Practice :(

Today, we had another additional band practice, and we have our real practice tomorrow, and THEN we have our Fine Arts Showcase. Busy weekend for the band!

My singing today sucked. My voice was going in and out on some parts, and the last time I sang, I was like singing a soprano when I'm really an alto and sounded like I was in an opera.

Okay.... once again, it wasn't THAT bad.

Haven't thought of a band name yet, but the two ones I have in mind are on the polls, so make sure you vote for your favorite one! Kayla came up with "Legitimate Reason" and I came up with "Supernova" after seeing the people from Answers In Genesis talk about the universe.

Tomorrow is the showcase and I'm leading. Oh my gosh.

This is your chance to believe in something more than walls and ceilings... Come on, come on, don't wait until the damage is done. It's gone when it's gone, don't you wanna know what we could become???
-Deas Vail

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