Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday's Walk~Fun Arts

Okay, before you ask, YES, I was going to blog about something else today. But according to not having any pictures (like autographs and tickets) without a camera, there are no pics.

Sorry, this will be my incredibly most boring walk--- ever.

Well, today I discovered another Paramore song! (you're probably thinking... "NOO! Not again!") I've already heard it, but I realized that I looooove the song "Careful". Yes, I'm a die-hard Paramore fan.

Anywho, back to the subject. (getting off subject...) Today I'm talking about Fun Arts.

Last year, I was practicing a human video with my friend, Maria, and a vocal solo. My first official one. I wrote a story and was on the worship team.

Well, first let's talk about the singing. I was not a very good singer (yet!) and I was very quiet. My personality? Not so much. My singing? Very.

Let's just say I wasn't a Hayley Williams (I still can't say I'm very close yet...) or a Natalie Grant. I was more of a Rebecca Black.... okay, noooo not that. Not that bad, but not that good. I was singing:

*I tried to find a karaoke version, but it wasn't available throught YouTube.*

I sang it in medium key, which for those of you who aren't familiar with vocal solos and all, it's the original chords and keys and all, not lower sounding or higher sounding. It was an easy song to sing, so I recommend it for first-timers. But make sure you are LOUD, because I wasn't. And if you'll be in Fine Arts, I recommend "Better Than A Hallelujah" for a first-timer, because it's very easy.... at least it is for low key.

I was in a human video with Maria, and it was more of a dance. But it was so much fun!

Our song for the band.... don't really know if I can find it on YouTube....

My story.... it was a very {supposedly} sad story about a girl who had cancer. Now, let me tell you, I hated that story. I'm it's own author, and I hate it! Why? It was a sort of depressing story. Well, I honestly would never pick up a sad story like My Sister's Keeper at the library, (although I loved the movie) so why would I write one? I don't know. But I'll tell you, it was an honest mistake.

Oddly, the judges loved it. How? What did they see in it? Who knows...

P.S. I'm writing some new stories, "King Of Hearts" inspired by Sara Bareilles' "King of Anything" and remember Viva Las Vegas ? I'll start that, too! Before I start those books (and another one, "Riot!") I need to finish "Unspoken", and I'm on chapter thirty of that so far! Right now, it seems like it will be a very long book.
P.P.S. I edited my profile! Go scroll down and click to view my whole profile! I added more fave music artists and movies! And changed my question!
P.P.P.S. I didn't get to interview one of the Duggars, but I did get an interview with Victoria Kasten, an author! Just wait 'til {possibly} Friday!

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  1. thanks for walking us back to last year's fun arts! great job! :)


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