Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sick At The Showcase

Okay... You're probably thinking that it's not very good to be sick on the day of another Fine Arts Showcase and you're singing, huh? Well, that's how it has to be.

I think I got my cold because Charity made a cake on Easter when she was sick (So smart, huh? Thanks, Charity) and she ate some of the leftover cherry filling, double-dipping and all, without telling ANYONE. So I went and ate some cherry filling, and she's like, "Hey, you know I ate some of that, right?" And I'm like, "NO! You didn't tell me!"

So now here I am, at a computer, with a gunky nose, and a mucussy throat. Yesterday and the day before that, I had a headache. Band practice yesterday didn't really help, either. You know... bouncy bass, loud drums... Yeah. (Or Faith landing on my neck during Human Video Practice but that's for another time.)

Mariah was at practice yesterday (during the last thirty minutes), so I got to be a backup singer again! Yay! However, we were missing Mark, but we've learned to perform when he's not there.

Then, I might as well tell you, Faith landed on my head at Human Video Practice. Kalie had to leave early, and since I was there anyway from my earlier practice, they were like, "Hope! We need you to be Kalie!" So I slipped in and slipped out on some parts, and my first part was being like a stair step, and Faith had to step on me. Well, I'm five-foot-eight (or by this time, 5'9") and she was like, "Hope! You're way too high! Get lower!" so when I got lower, she already was on me and she fell face down my neck. OUCH.

I'd say more but I ahve school to do.

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