Thursday, July 28, 2011

This. Is. War.

Fine Arts Festival. This Monday.

Before I start, I have to tell you about yesterday's (unexpected) showcase.

In Youth, the worship team starts the service. That's just the way it is. Well, last night, I sat in the foyer thingy on the couch, and Josh (you know who I'm talking about) said that we were performing tonight. First he said I was leading, but luckily that wasn't true.

I freaked out mentally when I heard that, because I thought he was talking about the worship team, and well, you know why I'm not on the worship team. So I was like, "what? No, you have got to be kidding". But he wasn't kidding, and luckily, he was talking about the FAF band, not the worship team. Huge sigh of relief.

But once again, the week is almost over and the only day I practiced on was Sunday, which doesn't even count because EVERYONE practiced on Sunday. So I was not expecting a showcase, let alone prepared for one. Let me tell you one thing:


First of all, my facial expression onstage was awful... I'd describe my facial expression as no smile, no eye contact, and stoic. Marvin (some kid I know) said I was too quiet, and I'm working on that. Then, back to the whole "pay attention" thing.

You see, I was standing right by a guitar when I sang and you're supposed to move around when you're in a band, you know? Well, I moved around (but only a little bit... disappointing, I know) and kinda, um, brushed against the guitar and tripped over the chord that leads to its microphone. The microphone is this thing that is put on top of the sound hole, and I made it move a little.

I felt SO bad about it throughout the whole service and I was gonna write an "I'm sorry" blog post about it. Why? Well, you see, that guitar had to be used for the worship team. And Nathan (kid that told me about the best band in the world, Deas Vail) spent like, two or five minutes fixing it behind the stage, so I felt really bad. When I finally said something about it, he said it wasn't a big deal, but still. I felt bad about messing up the guitar thing.

So yeah. Here's the REAL business: This is the last you'll be hearing from me for a few days. I'll be in town, yes, and even when I'm in Phoenix I will be sure to post on here, but I really need to practice and that's something I haven't really been doing lately. I have band practice tonight and tomorrow night, but in between I really have to practice.

And I have already started packing because I don't want to forget ANYTHING, plus I've been spending most of my days on the computer and I just need to sit back, finish all my books, get done with "Unspoken" part two so I can use a newer notebook, and sometimes, I just need some time to chow down on a pigload of food. 

So, I should be seeing you on Monday.

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