Saturday, July 16, 2011

Amazing Lips In Minutes!

What have YOU been doing? This started out as a YOUR BLOG, and so it continues as one, asking what YOU'VE been doing to keep your style ahead of your schedule.

Well, here's what I've been doing: On Wednesdays, I pull off my best outfit. With extremely short hair, it is quite difficult to try something new when you don't have much hair to work with. So I've been trying new things, adding funky beach hats (although someone said something really mean about my hat today, which is stupid--- floppy hats are in style, so what's wrong with wearing them?), adding a little bit of color every so often, and experimenting.

Here's what I'm NOT: A destined scientist. But here's what I AM: A girl who loves her beauty products and fashion blogs. Although I don't have my own fashion blog, I did welcome Eighth Graders Anonymous to the YOUR BLOGS. That's a school blog full of humor and the hatred of homework (that I have yet to receive).

I was on Victoria's blog (she's an old friend and still a very good one) and she had a post on how to make your own lipstick out of household items. I love anything that is applied to the lips!

The original recipe is Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and eyeshadow, but since I didn't really have either of the products handy (my mom's bathroom doors were locked and that holds all the makeup on the planet), I made up my own recipe for amazing lips. You're gonna love your lipstick when it's done! It will moisturize and protect like a balm, shine and feel like a gloss, and strut bold and long-lasting color like a lipstick. What's better than this?

3-in-1 Balm, Gloss, and Stick.
  • First, you're gonna need Vaseline, or any petroleum-based product in your house. Take a little bit out of the container with a spoon or butter/plastic knife, then put it in a microwaveable bowl, preferably the smallest one you can find.
  • Now, find yourself some food coloring (originally it is supposed to be eyeshadow--- your choice of which you want to do). Pick your favorite color that describes your personality and put six squirts in or mix in a whole bunch with a toothpick.
  • Once the concoction is all mixed up and the color is spread even, stick it in the microwave. If your microwave cooks quickly or is new, give it 45-50 seconds. If your microwave cooks slow or is old, give it 60-90 seconds, which is enough--- guaranteed.
  • Stick it in a small container! (Get creative on this one.)
  • Freeze it for about 10 minutes.
  • Wear it proudly! (After you've prepared your lips as you'll learn how to do below.)
Now that you've given 15 minutes of your time creating it, it's time to prepare your lips for the best day ever! A great beauty product takes some getting used to, so make sure your lips are up to the challenge!

Here's some Chap-Stick for your chapped lips--- It's almost like chemistry!
  • Get the wettest lip medication you can find. And when I say wet, I mean wet. Find yourself some NIVEA or ChapIce (you can find ChapIce at DollarTree--- it works just as well as NIVEA).
  • Now, simply get a lip oil treatment. These are a little difficult to find, but if you go all out for it, you'll find some. It works REALLY REALLY well. But if you can't find any, it's not the end of the world. Olive oil will work just fine.
  • Your lips are ready! Now, apply your homemade lipstick--- it will top it off!
Looking for some ACTION?
  • A shimmery gloss should be applied in the Cupid's Bow of your upper lip (that's the top-center). This will make a marvelous finishing touch.
  • A powder will look great if you use it lightly on the sides of your lower lip (this is where you can use eyeshadow if you haven't already).
  • Use an Outlast Lipstain (CoverGirl) BEFORE you apply the lipstick. Use it as a liner to give your look the extra oomph (if the lipstain dries out, simply fill the cap with water and put it back on it, and that will bring back the color).
  • A clear gloss will be great to attract attention and turn an unusual look (my homemade lipstick is green) glamorous!
Use this in YOUR beauty routine and see your lips like you haven't seen them before! Not only because you're sealing moisture in and you'll be thanking me in the windy winter, but you're avoiding all the gross beauty nasties that not even makeup artists can pronounce!

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