Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why You Gotta Be So MEAN???

Yes, I am a little bit of a Taylor Swift fan. This post is somewhat a sequel to "Spread the Word to END the Word".

I don't think anyone likes to be bullied, just stating the obvious. That's why I had my HEROES week earlier this year. I thought long and hard about saving this post for the next HEROES week, but no. I decided this shouldn't have to wait.

Do YOU think heroes are only in movies? What about villains?

I don't exactly agree with the bridge of ^^^"Mean"^^^, mainly I don't like the whole "I can see you years from now in a bar..." I mean, gosh... don't bring the person down that brought you down! Also I just don't like bars (obviously). I also don't like "All you are is mean. And a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life..." NO ONE is alone in life, no matter how mean they are, Miss Swift.

I posted this post because there is a movie premiering on ABC Family on Sunday called "Cyberbu//y". So why do people do it? Why are there cyberbullies?

My guess is that people can't see you on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (if anyone still uses that), BlogSpot, Tumblr, or WordPress. When no one can hear your words or see you saying them, you feel less bad about it because you don't see the reactions. It's not just that. I'm not a mean person, let alone a bully, and I feel comfortable saying anything and everything on my blog. I'm not afraid to say that I basically cried at the end of "Inception" and "Letters To God". I'm not afraid to even tell you some of my secrets. But if I were speaking to you in real life, you wouldn't know much about me at all. I tell my fellow bloggies things that I haven't even told my closest friends. Honestly, I think my followers know more about me than my besties.

So, since people are more comfortable on the computer when they don't have to face their opponent face-to-face, they feel free to say it and don't always think about the end result.

They don't always think that the person could be crying right now.
They don't always think that the person might be cutting their wrists right now.
They don't always think that the person has developed an eating disorder.
They don't always think that the person is having suicidal thoughts.
They don't always think that the person might not be alive tomorrow.

They think that the person will get over it eventually.
They think it doesn't really matter.
They think that their words won't be taken seriously.
They DON'T think about how fate could be just around the corner.

They know that their words wouldn't have been said out loud (most likely).

"You keep telling yourself what you know. But what do you believe?"
-Mal, "Inception".

I believe that bullying probably won't be stopped, but you'll never know. Even though it is impossible to completely erase something out of this world of billions of people, you have to have faith.You have to believe that anything is possible.

"It's not faith if you're using your eyes... I've gone for too long living like I'm not alive, so I'm gonna start over tonight, beginning with you and I..."
-Paramore, "Miracle"

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