Monday, July 25, 2011

The Many Emotions About Phoenix 2011

Today marks one week until the National Youth Convention and Fine Arts Festival! Honestly? I'm both nervous, excited, and upset about this. I'll tell you why I'm upset in a little bit. Let's explain these multiple emotions:

My stage presence used to suck. Sorry if you don't like the word "suck", but there's no other way to describe it, really. Now, it's getting better one day at a time, and it's all good. At the beginning of practice yesterday, before we began actual practice, Mrs. Sandy (our manager or womanager, you choose which title you like best) said our sound was great, we just had to work on stage presence. And right then and there, everyone's eyes slowly gravitated towards me. Come on, I'm not the only one with work to do on that.

I didn't want to be the person with the worst presence anymore, so I decided to try, really. Sure, I still have work to do, but don't we all.

I'm nervous, because what if I get nervous and have even worse presence than I've had recently? What if I can't do the high harmonies/harmonics and end up coughing up a storm mid-chorus? What if?

But, if there's one thing that Hot Chelle Rae taught me, it's "La la la, whatever. La la la, it doesn't matter. La la la, oh well"-ing my problems. Stop the what-if-ing, and start getting "at it tonight! Tonight! There's a party on the rooftop on top of the world". They also taught me how to dance "on the edge of the Hollywood sign."

I decided to change up my singing (but only for "Excuses"!) a little bit. I normally do the low harmonies in the chorus, but for:

"On and on, we run and we run..."
"It's time we chase the smoke of our guns..."

I changed it to high. Why? Well, that's how they do it in the original song, and I was like, "Why not?" so I practiced and practiced it. Before I knew it, I was able to do a part my range was once too low for! Yay!

Then, I'm also excited for the plane ride. I'm leaving Ohio for the first time in a year and I'm flying on a plane for the second time. If you count layovers and such, this will be my fifth ride. I'm-I'm-I'm so excited, I'm so excited, Phoenix is gonna be awesome! Most of the kids going it will be their first plane ride, all except for me, Drew, Mark, and Mariah (but she's not flying with us). My friend Lauren is a little scared about it, while others are like, "YEAHHHH BABBBYYY!!" Don't worry, Lauren. No terrorists will be on the plane (let's hope).

Ooh, this is the fun part! You won't believe how early our flight takes off! Only one word can describe it: All-nighter.

Our flight takes off at 6:30 AM, so you know what that means? We should be there around 4 AM (according to Mrs. Sandy). And you know what that means? We should leave our houses around 3 AM. And you know what that means? We should be awake at around 2 AM.

So, we might as well stay up all night, right? Josh (haven't I mentioned him before? Yep, he's the kid that said girls can only play piano and vocals) said we should all just have an all-nighter/sleepover-ish thing. Probably might not happen, but it should.

When the band (there's two other kids going... can't wait to break the news to them) found out, all the guys were like "YEAH!" and I was like, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" It's gonna be a long, long, day one week from now.

And thus concludes the blog post.

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