Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some Things I'll Never Figure Out...

Okay, so after showing you Yoga Farm, you may have noticed that I watch some over-the-top videos.

This is Mark, being Mark. Now ^^^THAT^^^ is real stage presence, what our band needs. Mark, you better show that presence onstage at FAF... I mean it.

I already showed you this... I know.

Just look at their facial expressions! Prism blogged this awhile ago and said that she loves the way the man hits the phone that one last time.

I used to have DIRECTV... now I wish I hadn't switched to U-Verse. I'm not lying... "That's the truth, Truth!"

And make sure you view Chicken Hawk. It's just too hilarious. I was watching Looney Tunes the other day, and this song just randomly came on. And there's a BASSET HOUND SINGING IT??? Come on, that's just weird. That was un-called for.

Just thought I'd have fun today. Don't forget to watch "Summer Forgets me"!


  1. Hope, you post a LOT of interesting videos.... they rock :)

  2. Thank you SO much, Victoria! I visited your blog and loved it! I wasn't able to post a comment for reasons I'll explain to you later. I miss you!



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