Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spread the Word to END the Word

Ever posted a comment on this blog? If not, now would be a good time to look at the comment form. In my message I have above it, it mentions the words you can't say, "Retarded" being one of them.

No one has called me a retard, but I know people that have been called that, and it hurts--- especially if the word is targetted towards someone with a learning disability.

I know that the ^^^VIDEO^^^ was really long, but it's important that you watch it.

Think about it like this: Most Americans know people or have friends who are disabled (mentally or physically). So, if you know someone who is disabled, imagine saying "You're such a retard" to their face. That'd be snobby, that'd be rude, that'd be ignorant, and most of all, that'd be disrespectful.

Although the "R" word is not a cuss word, it still needs to be taken out of your vocabulary. So, please. Don't call anyone retarded. That's a word that needs to be crossed out, also.

Tweet about this. Facebook about this. Blog about this. Do something about this.

Together, we can spread the word... to end the word.

"Heroes are made when you make a choice..."
-Superchick, "Hero"

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