Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blogger's Revenge

It all started in 1999.
Before Tumblr, before Facebook, MySpace, Twitter...
All of that.
It's almost as if the entire world decided that if the website is good, it must be called a "blog".
The world was ours for years and years,
But then they came along, and stole our glory before we could say, "sabotage".
Tumblr here, Tumblr there, Tumblr everywhere
And the BlogSpot nearly vanished.
It's like then and there, the world forgot what a blog was and left it behind.
Tumblr users may say they have a blog, but do they really?
Most Tumblr blogs are just a shade.
Used like a social network.
Reblogging, photographs, GIFs... show me what's original about that.
Remember when bloggers once ruled the world?
We started the rumors, they just added fuel to the fire.
We wrote about the best rock stars, they just posted pictures of them.
We wrote the reviews, they reblogged them.
We earned our followers, they received them like a Christmas present.
But no matter how hard we try, they're still more popular.
They still have the most followers.
They still get more book deals.
People keep saying we should just make a compromise, but NO!
Let the flames begin.
The internet is rightfully ours.
Remember when we were the kings and queens?
So we shall be again,
And we'll come back for what they've stolen.
The world was ours,
And so it will be again,
Because there is nothing we do better than revenge.
Everybody wants to rule the world,
But only one company can: BLOGGER.

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