Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Walking Through an Airport...

Walking through an airport will never feel the same. Especially once you've seen "Inception".

I told you before, this song is too good to be real. Maybe someone has incepted my mind (I have had some weird dreams lately with people I know but don't talk to have been in) and planted this song in a dream.

Another thing I once told you is that 2:01 is what really gets me. Since I play guitar now (I don't count myself as a guitar player yet. And "Better Than Revenge" is a really hard song), that part is definitely my inspiration to play.

In the movie, when Cobb wakes up, this song begins. And when he walks through the airport, the guitar starts. When I walk through the airport in Dayton (where I live, before I get on the plane to Denver), Denver (my layover), and Phoenix (the final destination!), I'll have this song playing every time.

Let the memories begin. Phoenix, here we come!

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