Monday, August 1, 2011

We're Ready to Respond!

This week is Fine Arts week.

There was a showcase in Sunday Morning service, and my stage presence? Getting better! Now, all that is required is a smile.

The band had to do a worship song, "Sing to the King", in service. At first I was like, "Oh, not that song" because it happened to be my absolute least favorite worship song. And I mean least. At the bottom. I could sing a dozen hymns instead of that song. You see, it's one of those stand-there-and-clap songs. But now, it's actually one of my favorites! It's no longer at the bottom of the food chain!

I want to say that I am proud of every Fine Arts student, even the ones not going to Phoenix. And to "my boys" (there's another girl in the band, but you know what I mean): Can you believe we made it this far? We started practicing in March and I remember our first practice at the back of my mind, which I'll admit was horrible. But after the second practice, we all caught on and kicked into high gear! And now we're going to Nationals! I remember talking to one of you back in May about Nationals, but it just seemed like a distant city and a far-off holiday (er, competition). But it's really happening. This is a huge once-in-a-lifetime (or if you're lucky, six times in a lifetime) chance. Music ministry is a calling I've always been fascinated with. I'm ready to respond, but are YOU?

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