Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dream a Little Bigger, Darling

Here are the best scores you'll EVER find! Featuring Hans Zimmer, Trevor Rabin, and Harry Gregson-Williams!

What should you do while writing? Ask young author Victoria Kasten any day! She's completely open to interviews, and she's so easy to talk to, as you may or may not have seen here.

She once said (and I was there!) that while writing, you should listen to music. A fun fact about her is that she's musically talented, too; PLUS she also hates math! Now, Victoria Kasten-Tecken, Matthew Thiessen, and me are in the same club!

Although she's all for listening to music while writing, here's what she's NOT for: Music with lyrics. "I accidentally wrote the lyrics [in a book] once," she said back in April. She loves music with lyrics, but no, not while writing.

And I have to say I'd agree. Since I've been listening to more music than the amount of TV I watch, my titles have become less original and my sentences have become familiar--- the I-heard-that-somewhere kind of familiar.

So, here are some scores to help you write well from the best composers (that are still alive) known to man and woman kind!

<3 Harry Gregson-Williams <3

That song was my Level 4 gymnastics floor exercise music which introduced me to this man who is well-known for his impressive Narnia scores.

<3 Trevor Rabin <3

Last but not least...

<3 Hans Zimmer <3

These are just three of Hollywood's best (and my favorite) composers. Listen to them responsibly... you just might get addicted!

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