Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Relient K is for KaraoKe!

If there's one band that loves the letter "K", it's Relient K.

A is for Apple
B is for Ball
C is for Chap-Stick
D is for Dog
E is for England (couldn't think of anything better!)
F is for Forgiven
G is for God
H is for HOPE!
I is for Igloo
J is for Jell-O
K is for KaraoKe!

I was upset when I found out Relient K was coming out with a cover album (and not originals) as I mentioned in my letter to Matt recently. But then I actually heard the covers, and I was like, "Never mind! This is good!"

The members are all grown up, have kids, and Matt [Thiessen] is helping Adam Young (from Owl City) with his tour and such, so we the fans are lucky that they're even coming out with a new album.

2:54 is my Matt being a little nerd :) But that's just his personality... Who else would wear a sweater and khaki pants to the Sadie Hawkins Dance?

I mentally cracked up when I heard "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"--- I mean, zero girls in Relient K! Maybe I would have actually laughed if I weren't watching Switched at Birth (love that show!) the first time I saw it, and not wearing a tight facial mask the second time. But hey, who said you had to be a girl to have fun? Relient K just wants to have fun, too!

You probably laughed when you heard "Baby", Relient K style. Since the album is out now, you get to hear it full version! I know, you love me for posting it, don'tcha?

Only Relient K could take a Justin Bieber song and do it better than he did! Well actually, a lot of people can do that. BUT! I think this is the best Justin Bieber cover anyone has done! Is it me or does this version sound kind of... sad?

But whatever. I hope you had fun with the listening party and following me on my journey to being a HUGE Relient K fan!

P.S. I've been watching a lot of TV lately, and I've found some amazing shows on ABC Family! The Secret Life is addictive, but if ANY OF YOU end up like ANY OF THOSE TEENAGERS, I'm gonna show up at your house and you're not gonna like it. But, a great show to watch is Switched At Birth! I give it five stars because it hardly ever uses bad language and the show is completely appropriate for anyone ages 12 and up. It's on ABC Family, 8/7 Central (I think--- check out the channel to make sure), so go check it out--- you'll love it, GUARANTEED.

P.P.S. Deas Vail has a new song, but ssshhh! I can't tell you about it yet! Wait until fall... unless the title slips out of my mouth (or hands... I'm typing)!

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