Thursday, July 21, 2011

Music Update!

I haven't talked to you much about the upcoming Fine Arts Festival lately, have I? Nope. Well, here's a small update on guitar, vocals, and the band.

Guitar Princess Became the Queen!
I'm not the queen... yet. But, I learned how to use chords (the little dots mark them, I think...) so now I just gotta find out their names. Like, I know the names (C minor, etc.), and I know that dots mark them, but I don't know how to match up the names with the dots, like, which specific dot is that specific thing. That explains it well.

That one string is still broken. So I've been self-teaching, and it's working fine. My next things to learn are:

  • What the chords are called
  • Do I have to use a pick? (Because I lost all of them.)
  • How do I change my strings by myself, not with my dad's help?
  • How do I tune my guitar by myself, and not with Daddy's help? (It may be obvious that Daddy did most of the maintenance work for my guitar.)
I've got a lot to learn in that area.

All Good Vocalists Have a Great Plan.
I'm a good vocalist, but "NO! I never meant to brag..." I'm just being nice to myself. But I will say that I'm not a great vocalist. So that's why I have a plan.

August is right around the corner, and you know what that means? National Youth Convention month is right around the corner! That also means Fine Arts is right around the corner, too.

By August, a.k.a. Less than two weeks from now, I expect to get out of my comfort zone onstage. I'm too shy (me? Shy? Unbelievably, yes), and that needs to change. I also expect a slightly wider range by the time we perform at Fine Arts.

I have a meter from myself showing where I am right now, who's level I'm on, and where I need to be, and you're so important to me that I wanna show you, so:

  • Right now: Dani Cimorelli (not very good, young voice)
  • August 2011: Amy Cimorelli (wider range)
  • April 2012: Wes Blaylock (REALLY WIDE range--- have you heard him sing? Yes you have--- he's Deas Vail's lead vocalist)
  • April 2013: Lisa Cimorelli (great tone quality)
  • April 2014: Regina Spektor (great range and breathing, I also must be able to make on-the-spot harmonies)
  • April 2015: Find my unique voice, keep my voice articulate.
  • April 2016 (senior year!): Nail the most impressive song I can find and sing it at Fine Arts. I am expected to reach Nationals as well. Aim for District Merit--- SERIOUSLY! Once I reach Nationals, I will try to get called back. If I'm not, that's alright. I will practice my song a maximum of nine times with no lyrics before District Fine Arts. I'm expected to be able to perform most genres of music. I'm expected to have a very strong and loud voice. I'm expected to have a music scholarship by the end of the year. Good luck.

 Yep. Ya think I can do it???

Fine Arts Festival Band
We're the real cool kids on the block. We're amazing. Everywhere we look around, people are screaming our names:


That's our dream. This is our reality: The audience has better stage presence than us, we get distracted VERY easily by some of the craziest things, some of us (*COUGH* me and Mark *COUGH*) are always quoting Yoga Farm, some of us (*COUGH* me and Nathan *COUGH*) are in love with Deas Vail, the background vocalist (too embarrassed to say who) was clapping off beat at callbacks at DFAF, and somehow Justin Bieber has to do with all this.

And that's just an average band practice.

It's hard to believe ("So hard to believe you're here with me now..." Love that song, it's "Hard To Believe" by VOTA) that the festival is less than two weeks away and we haven't squeezed enough practice in, and WE ALL have crappy stage presence (except for Mariah, maybe).

I really hate "Excuses" by Deas Vail now. It's our song, and every member basically hates that song. Every time I hear it, I just wanna throw my iPod out the window and destroy it for good. Now, Nathan says he loves this song, so he must be a bigger fan of Deas Vail than I am. You didn't think that was possible, did you?

Pray for us. We could definitely use it.

"You know that I could use somebody... someone like you... someone like you, somebody..."
-Kings Of Leon, "Use Somebody"


  1. The fact that you're only 12 and write better than most people 10 years your senior is simply amazing. It also gives me hope that not all people of your generation have abandoned grammar, punctuation, and proper sentence structure.

    I stumbled upon your blog while doing a search for Cimorelli...I'm a closet fan. It's not exactly cool to be in your 20s and like this music. But whatever.

    I must ask...whats your background, who/what is the band you're in. I haven't read app your posts yet, so I'm going off of what I know.

    Keep up the good word, keep writing, singikgsinging and God bless!

  2. @Paul Bifulk

    THANK YOU!!!!!! You're really nice!!!! And it's very nice that you brought up other children my age and grammar: All my friends are on Facebook but me and whenever I see their pages, I always comment on the not-capitalized 'I' or other first-grade things that they just didn't do because they didn't want to. When it comes to things like that, I always keep in mind one thing: College. If a scholar is gonna hack into my Google account or something, I want them to see my writing abilities, not tiny mistakes that simply show I don't really care.

    My background is just a normal one. Born to a military family, then settled in Ohio for good, pretty much. Homeschooled up until now and I go to a Technology middle and high school. I have two sisters and we have themed names... Charity, Faith, and Hope. As for band, I'm in a few. Me and a few school friends are starting one in which I play guitar, at church I do vocals, my school is just now getting a band because we're fairly new (this blog is older than the school in itself... scary) and I might either do bass guitar or clarinet. Next year, if we get an orchestra, I'll do viola because I'm in love with the strings!

    So yeah. God bless you also!


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