Saturday, July 2, 2011

Don't Let Summer Forget You!

^^^Deas Vail's new music video filmed about a week ago. Love it. It's important for you to know that YouTube only counted MY views. I feel so important.^^^

Special thanks to Nathan E.! Thanks for telling me to look up this song! Now, you better have kept your promise... you better have viewed Yoga Farm.

I really hope you listened to that video I posted. It's an amazing song and video, and I'm-I'm-I'm so excited, I'm so excited for September 6th! Deas Vail's new album comes out that day! This song means so much to me... I think I might cry I'm so excited for this album. If I could have this entire band to myself...

Everything is wonderful (except that this band has a Tumblr blog--- I'm anti-Tumblr). The vocals (and Wesley's "inhuman vocal range"). The piano. The bass. The guitar. The drums--- although I admit I don't pay much attention to drums. This band is even more talented than--- than---Oh, this is too hard to say---Deas Vail is better than Paramore. I'm sorry. I had to say it.

And they're growing up. Wesley's voice is a little different, Laura looks a lot more mature and pretty--- she was pretty before also, but you know what I mean. And those two are married... they're the perfect two for each other!

So! Are you having a good summer? I decided to post more tips for you (and myself)! If you're having a good summer, then that's great! But let's change our blogs for the better... we can make a Blogger revolution--- Tumblr users NOT included! So here's what we all need to work on so we can make sure summer doesn't forget us.

  1. Copyright is what it is. I'm working on this one, honestly. It's so easy to get caught in the photos and videos and everything blogging has to offer, but remember to mention that you don't own any copyrighted material (unless it's really yours). Let's stay out of lawsuits this year, okay?
  2. Tell 'em what you know. I know, it's fun to talk about the things you love. So, why not blog about them? Love makeup? Blog about your favorite products. Love fashion? Blog fashion tips. Love music? Blog about the music industry and what you know--- what'd ya think of "Mono Vs. Stereo"? 
  3. Hear it from a new perspective. A really fun thing that comes along with blogging and journalism is interviewing. If you have no experience, interview interesting people you know will answer your questions like a friend or cousin. I started out that way and moved my way up to meteorologists and authors!
  4. Write it in quotations. Got a favorite quote? Post it, girl (or boy)! Use it in replace of a blog description or end a post with a quote you like. You can find a good quote anywhere--- a song, a movie, a book, a magazine, etc.
  5. The Blogger's Diaries. Going to camp this summer? If not, are you going on vacation? Or maybe you're going on a trip with a whole bunch of kids from church on a trip like the National Fine Arts Festival--- I'm excited for it, except, well... six guys and only two other girls. Yikes. If you're going anywhere, keep a diary no matter what gender you are! Then, you can blog about it when you get back with ease because you don't have to brainstorm for memories! Summer may not forget you, but make sure you don't forget summer!
  6. Stay positive. No one likes to read a blog that puts them in a bad mood, and a lot of the Tumblr blogs are like that... just saying. Make sure your blog makes people happy and want to come back.
  7. Everyone loves a giveaway! This is one major thing I love about reviewing books. It makes it affordable to giveaway your gently used books. I've got four free books at home, but one got marker on it, the one I'm currently reading is peeling (yes, peeling), one has writing in it, and the other is "Departures", but I loved it and am sure I'd regret giving it away!
  8. What do they think? You might have an "Ask Me" page on your blog, but you should ask THEM. Polls are always fun to make, and they're fun to see--- especially seeing the votes pile up!
  9. This one's for the bands. Got a favorite band? Do them a favor and make them known! Blog about them! You know and I know that I am in love with Deas Vail, Fireflight, Relient K, Paramore, and it might surprise you that I'm a OneRepublic fan, too. This is the exact order of my favorite bands--- as unrealistic as it is, Paramore really is in fourth place. A few months ago, they would have placed first.
  10. Repeat! Do you like these tips? Why don't you make your own?
  11. Don't be afraid of non-successful posts. We're mostly all bloggers here (not Tumblrs), so we've all had a few posts that didn't go... anywhere. That's okay. Try to find out why the post didn't succeed, find out what your insecurities about the post are, and the next post is guaranteed to be better, you have my word for it.
  12. Make yourself known. Review for book companies, and blog updates about stories you're working on so that people know you're out there by the time you're finally on the market.
  13. Seal it with a smile or a kiss--- either will suffice! Make your blog so unique it will blow people's minds away. Make people think the internet's "about to BLO-O-O-O-O-O-O-OW".
Have a good rest-of-summer! Don't let summer forget you, and don't let the internet forget the REAL BLOGGERS--- the Blogspot bloggers!

"You said the words and You didn't even speak... I see the tide is coming to get me. I don't know who You wanted me to be, I gave a lot, but never what You need. Winter comes, and summer forgets me."
-Deas Vail, "Summer Forgets Me". Their newest and best song.... so far!

UPDATE: If you like "Summer Forgets Me" at all, and you can't get enough of it (it's Deas Vail... I don't blame you), please go to this site when you view it. If everyone views it on this site at least five times, I could be listed on the video as one of the first referrals to the video. So please, help a girl out. I'm begging you. 

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