Friday, July 8, 2011

Is It Real Or Is It... INCEPTION?

Inception. Planting an idea in someone's mind.

If you listen closely, at 2:03, you will hear an electric guitar. Doesn't it sound so cool? Although my favorite composer is Harry Gregson-Williams (the "X-Men" and {Disney/Walden} "Narnia" composer), I must admit I am impressed with this guy. I thought that this piece ("Time") was just beautiful. I loved the way "Inception" ended... especially when Arthur chuckled after he woke up.

Well, here's something more: Me and Matt Thiessen (Relient K's lead vocalist) have three things in common:

  1. Chap-stick
  2. Chapped lips
  3. And things like chemistry.
"Chap-stick, Chapped Lips, and Things Like Chemistry" used to be on my mp3 when I was younger, but now I have an iPod. So now I've got three CDs with Relient K songs on them to hunt down.

That song is too funny. I love it when Matt is crowd surfing on top of the old people. Hilarious.

You see, I really like lip gloss, but not chap-stick. I don't know if Matt really likes chap-stick or he just really needs it.

As for chapped lips, I have really badly chapped lips most of the time. I really need chap-stick, but I don't want some right now.

Things like chemistry. I think I see where this dude is going. He must hate science, math, geography, calculus, biology, physics... all that crazy stuff. Welcome to my world.

I've never exactly lost my phone on a Batman ride, but me and Matt are both from Ohio. Even though I wasn't born there, and I doubt he lives there anymore, we're even.We also both listen to Deas Vail... he's just a few steps ahead of me but only because he toured with them and sang with them. That's it. We're both Christians. Both love music. Both have naturally curly hair. Similar vocal ranges (except that I'm a girl). Both are awesome peeps!
So Matt,
If you're out there, I just wanna say hi. I think you're awesome. I love your hair. You may not be on my blog's best hair list, but you're on MY best hair list, and that's all that matters. "I must have done something right"... in fact, I know I did... I found "the best thing"--- Relient K! I heard you're coming out with a cover album soon, but I'm a little upset that they're covers and not originals. But you're forgiven. Besides, you do know that I'd take you to the "Sadie Hawkins dance" any day, right? But one question...

Do you like my sweater?
Great news, y'all! You're gonna be SOOOO jealous of me--- I just pre-ordered Deas Vail's upcoming self-titled album off of their merch site! I'm so excited! And what's even BETTER? Well, not only is it my first time pre-ordering anything (I never pre-order things because I usually just wait for it to come out in stores, so you know I really like this band if I'll pre-order!), but I also have a chance at receiving a free wristband and autographed poster! I just might be a part of the one hundred!

It's gonna be hard to not get my hopes up... the meesley two Deas Vail songs on my iPod are about to turn into fourteen--- in September.

It's gonna be a long wait, but...

"Remember that it's hard, because it's worthwhile."
-Deas Vail, Sixteen

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