Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Got Cash?

Fireflight. Owl City. Two of the best in music, eh? Well, they both love you.

Reach into your wallet. What do you pull out? Five dollars? Ten dollars? Fifteen, maybe? Well, forget about how you were going to spend it, because you're definitely gonna want this.

If you only have five dollars...
Search all around your house for some loose change (that'll pay the tax). Then, since you already have five dollars, you need to find the nearest Family Christian Stores location in your area. Why? Fireflight's album For Those Who Wait is only five dollars today! Today and until August 4th. You have time. Go buy it.

If you only have ten dollars...
Again, you need loose change because of taxes. Now, go to that exact same store. Why? Owl City's new album All Things Bright And Beautiful is ten dollars today and until August 4th. Go. Buy. This. Album.

If you have fifteen dollars...
You're in luck! You can buy both albums!

Two amazing artists. One low price.
Fireflight is one of my absolute favorite bands, so when I found out the newest album was that cheap, I rushed my family to the store to get it. I got what I wanted, and now I'm jamming out to "Desperate", "For Those Who Wait", "Name", "New Perspective", and much much more. That's ten more songs to listen to on the way to Phoenix!

Now, I still can't forget Owl City! He blew me away with "Dental Care", and I fell in love with "Fireflies" all because of Adam Young. He's my honeybunch of oats (is that a bad thing?)!

If you have money, this is how you want to spend it.

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