Thursday, July 7, 2011

All That Glitters

I figured that I might as well give you an update on all things me: My favorite bands, books I'm writing, poetry, the FAF band, and more news about my favorite bands.

The best bands on earth are signed to "Mono Vs. Stereo".
I just figured out today about "Sadie Hawkin's Dance", a Relient K song--- a really old one at that. It used to be on my mp3 when I was little and I didn't even know it was by Relient K! So, I've been listening to them since I was eight, actually. And by coinsidence, in the springtime of this year, they toured with Paramore. Paramore is mainstream, Relient K is Christian. They both sound great... I'd kill to be at that concert. Turns out "Chap Stick, Chapped Lips, And Things Like Chemistry" is by them, too. That used to be on my mp3, also! Wow, I used to be a Relient K fan and didn't even know I was.

^^^I LOOOOVVVVEEEE this song by Relient K! The pickup line ("we should get jerseys... cuz we make a good team") is awesome. It kinda makes me laugh.^^^

Then, another great band signed to the same label is the legendary, I blog about them too often, Deas Vail.

And no wonder that this band is so good, they've toured with both Relient K and Owl City. They sound amazing, and it upsets me that they have less than 10,000 views so far for this song. Their most popular one hasn't even reached 100,000 yet. I kinda wish I was the only person in the whole world that had heard of this band, but, if I were the only one, I'd still be a ParaHolic because Nathan E. is the one that introduced me to Deas Vail. That's a major pro that came out of joining ThExperience FAF Christian Band. (Please visit their Tumblr blog. It's an exceptional blog.)

On the paper side of things...
I've been trying to finish "Unspoken" and all these ideas have been popping into my mind!

"Viva Las Vegas" is now called "Fourteen", because the number matches up with the murder timings and amounts.

"Never Say Never" has been changed back to the title "Loser!"

"A New Perspective" has been changed back to the title "The Interstate".

"Bury The Castle" is now called "On Death's Edge" because that title sounds WAAAYYY more unique.

BRAND NEW AND IMPORTANT: I'm working on a book called "Yellow Ribbons", which is about a girl who's fiance or husband has been deployed to Iraq. I might enter a chapter of it into the District Fine Arts Festival. I'm trying to find out if he should be her hubby or fiance.

"The poet and the beat..."
I love music (just stating the obvious). I love writing. So:

Music lover + Poetry + Putting it to music = Perfect combination.

One problem: Putting it to music. My songs always end up... um... quite bogus. BUT! I can still write poetry and dream up music to put with it! You should see more poems from me soon.

Everything? Temporarily falling apart.
Band has been great lately. Absolutely awesome. Wonderful. But far from perfect, which is okay with me but... this describes our practice on Sunday:


Brian: Drums off beat.
Mariah: Forgetting the next chorus again.
Mark: Piano player absent for his brother's graduation.
Hope (me): Not even saying lyrics on some parts... kinda mumbling.
Nathan: Already ending the song!

The others (Josh and Chris) did fine though, but we were all quite lost.

We ended on a high note at least.

Yeah. Not our finest practice. We're each working on our stage presence, so hopefully we'll do good in Phoenix. And hopefully that mini dust bowl there clears up so we can fly down there.

That's a great deal!
Deas Vail is the best band in the world and they want to show you the LOOOOOVVVVEEEE. First of all, their 2009 album, "Birds and Cages", is only $5 for the rest of July. AND! If you pre-order the upcoming album, "Deas Vail", they will ship it to your house on September 2nd and if your apart of the first 100 customers (you probably will be because they're not a popular band at all), you'll get a wristband for free with an autographed poster. Come on! You can't resist! If you're excited about this, Wes will give you the details.

See ya later!

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