Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bass Is Kickin' It!

Bass... you would have expected me to blog about it by now, huh? Being a bass guitarist's daughter? I think I would expect that of me, too. Of all the things I blog about, (music, fashion, MUFFINS???) I still haven't blogged about this.

Here are the best bassists in the world!!! (In my opinion.)
0:53 and 1:56 are where the bass really kicks it! 3:02 through the rest of the song sends chills down my spine, but the best part is 3:08 when after the violin, everybody kicks in and it gets loud again! That part is just legitimately awesome! Crazy! SWEET!!! It reminds me of why I love rock music.

So, who's the rockin' bassist in Fireflight? Wendy Drennen! Yep, she's a girl, and she rocks the bass... she knows what she's doing! You may have noticed that she's the only other girl in the band. She does a few BGVs (background vocals) in this song, they just don't have her lip-sync in the video. I love her hair... I love how when she headbangs, which is quite often, (notice she's whipping her hair back and forth every time they show her?) and all this red shows up in her hair... she has it highlighted PERFECTLY. You can see exactly how it is in the "Desperate" music video.... another great song by them.

Fun Facts: Wendy is married to Glenn, which he's a lead guitar for the band. Wendy and Glenn are Fireflight's founding members, and have had their most popular song---"Unbreakable"---featured on an NBC commercial! I love you, Fireflight!

2:29 I love! and 3:27 through to the end... legit. So, the piano kicks it more than the bass, but whatever. I just wanted to blog this song because I'm officially a Relient K fan now!

Who's the bassist? I don't know. Their bassist quit the badn in '04, so I don't know who's doing bass in this song.

Fun Facts: Does the vocals sound familiar? Matt, the lead singer, sang "It's not that there are ever bad intentions, it's more that we forgot where to go home. For important things that we don't know to mention... it's the uniform that we put on, the formula we have for love" in 'Birds' by Deas Vail.
This band is an Ohio band! They formed in Canton!
One of their recent albums is called "Five Score And Seven Years Ago". Ha!
Deas vail opened for their Christmas concerts and they have opened for Paramore.
They've been with the label Mono Vs. Stereo (possibly still are) and Deas Vail is with them, too. They've been with Jive, which Hot Chelle Rae is with them, too. (Hot Chelle Rae performed "Tonight Tonight", the newly popular, as of yesterday, song. When I saw the video awhile ago, they only had a few thousand views. Now, they're in the millions!)

Good day!

P.S. "Ask me Anything" is being deleted due to huge difficulties of my Blogger account constantly signing out and not letting me sign back in to post comments.

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