Friday, May 6, 2011

The Awakening

This is a poem I wrote, about my dreams. Not my dreams as in goals, but actual, sleeping, dreams.

I had a dream that my mom made fried chicken last night and could just taste it.... is that normal? If not, well, oh well. All my dreams use all my senses, so here it is!
The Awakening

I don't remember falling asleep last night
I don't remember turning out the light.

I can't imagine it being true
It's seemingly impossible to do.

A world of no sorrow before my eyes
Time with no pain, no lies.

I can taste it fully
I can see it, truly
The vision in full color
The music in full harmony.

I can feel it, really
The ocean of grace surrounding me
And something whispers,
It's more than a thought
It's more than a vision
It's more than a dream.

But then I wake up
Buried in my own bed
The same old world around me.
I can't help thinking,
I was this close,
This close to Heaven.

But I'm still alive, that can't be true
To get there, there's nothing I can do
Maybe hope, maybe pray.

This is still not the ending
This has not even reached the beginning
There's still love
Still hope
There's still faith
Still peace.

This is just the awakening.
Did you like that poem? I hope you did! I wrote it, so don't you dare copy it... or else....

I can't guarantee, but I might be back later on today to tell you alittle bit about the story "Unspoken".

See ya then!

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