Sunday, May 29, 2011

Unending Love

Spring... 'tis the season of love! The flowers are in full bloom, and the roses are in highly-defined color.

What is love to me? What does it make me think of???

1. Wedding/Marriage
2. Boyfriends/Girlfriends
3. The love God has for us

Yesterday, I was at a metropark in my area, and I saw four brides, four grooms, and one group had their wedding there. Weddings are beautiful! They are just a perfect display of love, and that is beautiful in its own way! There's always that tiny bit of envy towards the bride... she's having a perfect day with the man she loves--- and she's wearing a super expensive gown!

But, in spite of plans and dresses and budgets, a marriage is much more than a wedding. I'm not gonna counsel you on this or anything, (because I'm twelve! I plan to get married, but no, not now!) though. I have seen too many marriages die. I have a step-grandmother and a step-grandfather. I've seen friends in divided households--- father on one side of town, mother on the other.

And I know how much it bothers them. I may not know the pain firsthand because my parents are together, but I know at least a tiny bit about how they're feeling.

So, this may leave you wondering: Does love REALLY last forever? I'll tell you right now that it does.

 Can you imagine that the One who created the stars, the ocean, and even you, cares for you, loves you, and will do anything for you? He'll even send His son to die--- for YOU. He wants a relationship with you so much that He sent Jesus to die some two thousand years ago so that you wouldn't be forever separated from Him. It's hard to take it all in, isn't it? God demonstrates His perfect love for us through the tiny pleasures in life. And even though this world is full of pain, sorrow and suffering, He always makes sure to overload it with healing, overwhelming joy, and love. So what do you say?

You're His beloved.

The dating scene...
This is one familiar topic to me that I don't really like talking about it. Whenever I talk to my friends that have so-called "boyfriends", just by giving my opinion it gets shot down and ends in a fight when it was never my intention to argue--- Can't a girl EVER give out her opinion without drama?

So this is why I have a blog. Somewhere I can speak my mind and not get my ideas shot down--- somewhere I know you'll listen, whoever you are.

Dating--- we all know how it works. (If you're a girl) You like him, he likes you back. (If you're a boy) You like her, she likes you back. You soon both discover your feelings, and someone takes the first step. Then that's the first date, and then it takes off from there. More dates, seeing each other more often, meeting the family--- all that good stuff.

The thing about dating is that there are many things about it that are just weird. Like how there are fifth graders now that have more dating experience than me. That's just gross. Or how there are ninth graders that are engaged. With what kind of ring--- plastic?

But, seriously. Dating isn't what it's supposed to be anymore. It's supposed to be finding your true love... finding the one for you. The one that you will one day marry, and you'll love forever no matter what. But now, it's a label. Now, it's finding popularity. Now, it's finding something to brag about. Now, it's about... nothing that matters. Nothing important. Nothing special. Nothing.

There are so many breakups that people go through that you just wonder, is it possible to find anyone for yourself? Is there anyone that loves you? Being a single lady, I know I'm loved, but you know, it would be nice to have a boyfriend. Someone to go on dates with, (one problem: Eighth graders can't drive, so that crosses out dates) someone to go to dances with. You know... it would be nice to have a boyfriend. But I know that God will find someone for me, so why should I care right now?

...And God's unending love for us.
No matter how alone in this we feel, remember, there's one person that's always been and always will be there: Jesus. He loves us so much that even with all our imperfections, He still forgives us and loves us. He thinks you're beautiful, no matter how fat you think you are. He thinks you're wonderful, no matter how talentless you feel. He loves you and wants you to know it. So, what do you say? Can you turn down THAT offer?

"I know that I have been forgiven... You can forgive me, can forgive me, can forgive me, can forgive me too..."
-Relient K 'Forgiven'

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