Friday, May 27, 2011

Believe Me, This Is Gonna Make You Stronger...

Deas Vail
(I don't own any of the above photographs.) You know these bands because you know their music. You've heard their songs and you've gone to their concerts. You've learned all their lyrics and know every detail about every person. You can find yourself humming, "Come on, come on....", ('Excuses', Deas Vail) or "Wherever we go the bees behave..." ('Wherever We Go', Newsboys). You can't live a day without their music in your life, warming your heart every time "Birds" (Deas Vail) or "Born Again" (Newsboys) comes on the radio.

So you couldn't believe it when you heard the news: They had lost some of their members.

Deas Vail has four former members.
The Newsboys lost Peter Furler.

The reasons? There are rumors that one former member from Deas Vail, Bobby Jackson, died of something not well-known to me. Peter Furler left the Newsboys and is now going solo.

"Twenty-one and it feels like sixteen..."
Deas Vail started unknown, and is slowly getting more popular. So you wouldn't believe that three people have quit the band, and one even possibly died, but I can't be sure because I only know that from a YouTube comment, and this person is not on Wikipedia or anything. A band that has lost some founding members you wouldn't expect to be amazing, but then again, they have gotten big attention from their new songs and albums. Nothing can stop THIS band!

"Excuses", their most popular song.
"Growing Pains", another good one.

It's all "in the hands of God"!
The Newsboys have been around for decades... no, seriously! The band began in 1985! That's older than me, of course, and that's older than some of my older cousins, too! Twenty-six years of performing... wow. So, how did you feel when their lead singer left the band? And he's a founding member at that!

This band is known for winning awards, their hit 1995 song, "Shine", and of course, being a VeggieTales band--- they've recorded songs for the "Jonah" movie and my favorite, "Pirates That Don't Do Anything"! (If you're wondering what the teachers are REALLY doing in the nursery, they're catching up on VeggieTales movies they didn't see when they were little! One time, I was pigging out on Cheez-Its that are really for the kids, and I was just glued to the tiny TV screen!) But, recently, Peter left the band to go solo. He stills writes with them and keeps contact, but is no longer a key member of the band. That's okay, because check out songs that they've produced!

Peter's solo song, "Reach", which has received heavy-play on K-LOVE.

The Newsboys without Peter, and "Born Again", which has also received heavy-play on K-LOVE.
No matter what, good can always be brought out of not-so-good, and these bands that never gave up can't give anything less than this message:

"In time, it's gonna get better. Believe me, this is gonna make you stronger, it's gonna make you stronger..."

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