Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bury The Castle

Me again! Since I told you my inspiration for my other two books I'm working on, I figured, why not do the same for this one? Well, here it is, by popular demand from myself, here's a small preview of "Bury The Castle".
"...I was nearly out of breath. I was hyperventilating and sobbing huge tears at the same time. The pain struck every part of me--- my back, my legs, my heart, my arms, and my throbbing head was burning. I couldn't turn my thoughts from the pain that tortured me..."
-Possibly in 'Bury The Castle' by Hope Angelica Ezell. (I'm using my full name for all my books, and I will still go by the name Ezell on my books even when and if I get married, so people don't get confused.)
Now that you got to see a brief preview of what will POSSIBLY be in the book, here's some stuff that inspires it:

(My favorite part is 3:31.... makes me wanna just whip my hair back and forth!)

This song is a HUGE inspiration for the book, called "Brick By Boring Brick", performed by my now second favorite band (yep, finally, there's a band I'm a bigger fan of... Fireflight) Paramore. I'd have to say the music video is a bigger inspiration than the song itself, but here you can see where I get my title from... "Bury the castle... bury the castle... and GO GET YOUR SHOVEL...!!!!"

This song USED to be on my iPod, ("This Is Home" by Switchfoot) but SOMEBODY (*cough* probably Charity *cough*) deleted the entire second disc from the WOW Hits 2009 off of iTunes, which had "This Is Home" and "Unbreakable" by Fireflight on it. Sucks, huh? Luckily, we have the album present at home, we just can't exactly find it.

ANYWAY! I chose this song because this book is very, VERY much like Narnia combined with Wonderland. (As in "Alice In Wonderland".) Also, the message of the song is very much needed for the plot of the story.

This one is "Chasing Pavements" by Adele. Can you believe she was NINETEEN YEARS OLD when she published this song? It is very 1960-ish, my favorite decade. I love oldies, and even though this song came out three years ago, it fits into that James Brown, Harry Belafonte time. I love Michael Buble and Adele's styles of music.

This song really doesn't have to do with the story, and you'd have to watch the music video to really see why I chose it. I didn't pick the video for reasons you might find out when you watch it, or might not even quite get. If you scroll over this video, there will be a whole bunch of suggestions, and you'll find the video somewhere, most likely.

What is Bury The Castle all about?
"Bury The Castle" is about a normal girl named Harley, but her name might become Bayleigh. For now, let's just call her Harley.

Again, she's just a completely normal sixteen-year-old girl. Of course, she has most of the things that most teenagers have, like a car, she frequently dyes her hair, and she has a boyfriend. One day, (the story isn't completely organized, so if it sounds sloppy, I promise, it will get ten times better) she is driving to her workplace (just Chick-Fil-A... *winkwink* I love chicken...) when somehow, I don't know how yet, she's gonna bump into a tree! That's gonna be fun to describe... JK! (That's what "Chasing Pavements" music video has to do with it)

So, the preview I showed you is a description of her trip inside the ambulance thingy on the way to the hospital. She thinks she's gonna die (I won't tell you much, but I'll tell you, she's not gonna die) and this is kinda what she thinks are her last thoughts. Not words, because she's not saying it aloud.

Even though she survives, she goes into a coma where she has a very long dream (maybe I should put her in a coma for two years! Sounds fun to me to be in a dream that long) that she's in a magical Narnia/Wonderland world. It's going to be a very colorful world full of butterflies and flowers. In this fantasy world, she'll be like, sort of like a princess--- BUT NOT THE LITTLE KIDDY KIND! I promise, it's a lot better than it sounds!

Since I am failing at explaining, that's it for now.

What do you think?

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