Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You Know You're Twelve When...

...You put your ear up to a microphone during soundcheck to see if it works.
...You still get excited to walk through puddles.
...You're bummed when the puddle isn't as deep as you were hoping.
...You're the last one of your friends to get on Facebook.
...You don't exactly know what job you want and you have about four careers competing for your attention.
...You thought you felt your brain move when you got your first concussion.
...You get caught in 'it's not what it sounds like' moments quite often.
...You have more J-14 magazines than skinny jeans.
...You can't seem to ever push yourself to finish projects.
...You once had about thirty Jonas Brothers songs in your iTunes library. (Luckily, I got over them about two years ago.)
...You can find at least one Justin Bieber song on your iPod.
...You're looking forward to your next birthday.

Yep. You know you're twelve when you've been calling yourself thirteen years old from the week before you turned twelve.
How do you know you're twelve? When you're counting down the days 'til your thirteenth birthday.

You know you're twelve when.... __________________________________

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