Friday, May 13, 2011

RandomNess Friday~Dance In Perfect Time!

Oh my goodness gracious gosh. Only the LORD knows how much stress the Blogger shutdown was.

WEDNESDAY~ Blogger shuts down for an hour of maintenance.
THURSDAY~ Blogger shuts down into read-only mode.
FRIDAY~ Blogger is STILL in read-only mode, with a catch. This time, they decide to temporarily delete all posts (worldwide!) published on Wednesday after 7 a.m., so you may have noticed that "When I Grow Up" was deleted for awhile and now is back.

I was so upset. I really wanted to launch my 4-H club's blog (I'm the club news reporter and I have three other girls {Riana, Tesia and Zoe}that will be team members) yesterday, but because I couldn't, I just sent them a really long e-mail explaining the rules and guidelines for our blog. I felt like I had the ultimate power! I felt like the president! Speaking of which, I have a few jokes. (Not to offend anyone that one is a political opinion.)
Q: What has America become?
A: An Obamanation! (If you like Obama... I'm sorry, but I don't.)

Q: What is Rebecca Black's favorite holiday?
A: Black Friday! (You know you had to laugh!)
Here is a really cool song cover and video!

Wowee... (definition: Extremely wowed. Pronounced: wow-EEE!!!) CIMORELLI really transformed this song. In case you're wondering, these are the same girls that performed "Price Tag" in my post "Me And My Gang". That was the first CIMORELLI song I ever heard. They're a great group, but like everyone, they're not all that spectacular like some people say. But, they are talented--- really. Dani (the one rapping in this video and raps in basically every one they do) is only ten years old and Lauren (she was wearing a bow tie in "Price Tag" and in this video, she's the one with the skateboard in the Superman shirt and the one singing the part "kicking in the front seat...") is only twelve years old. She's my age! I love her bow ties that she usually wears, so much that they inspired me to make them out of duct/duck tape... they're headbands for girls and guys can adjust them to fit their neck. Then, Amy (The one in the cowgirl outfit) has a great fashion sense! You should see her "Firework" outfit, her "Pray" (Justin Bieber) outfit, AND her "Baby" (that's also a JB song) outfit. They're really cute! You might be jealous... I have an outfit just like the "Firework" one. But it ruins my pride that most girls do, too:(

My two favorite Paramore songs right now. They are so inspiring, unlike a lot of their other songs that sort of feel like they have an empty meaning sometimes.
I've been waiting to do this all week now. The entire album of "All The Houses Look The Same"... you can listen to them now! Hopefully, you'll decide to buy them... they're really good. I don't own any of these videos, okay? I am on YouTube, but no, I have no videos yet. But I will start performing music covers, so I'll give you info on that ASAP!

I am just now hearing some of these songs, and love a lot of them! My absolute favorites are "Light As Air", "Shoreline", "Follow Sound", and "Anything You Say". Those are the bestest, aren't they? Oh yes.

Well, I hope you dance! (In perfect time! "Dance In Perfect Time" is a song by Deas Vail, in case you think I'm crazy.)


AND... this one describes my life. Completely forgot about it:
Okay... it was a good song until the rap interlude ruined it, but this has to be one of the best HSM songs. At least for a Disney song. Next time I'm having trouble looking up and smiling onstage, I'll remember this song!

See ya l8r!

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