Friday, May 20, 2011

RandomNess Friday~I Am...

I am loved.

I'm not joining "Then Sings My Soul Saturdays", but I have just been obsessed with that song ("How Great Thou Art") lately, and I don't know why.
I am as light as air.
I am amazed.
I am... in an emergency??? Huh???
Sorry I spoiled it with the Paramore song, (haven't blogged much about them lately, hmm?) after all those Christian songs. But there's one part of "Emergency" that won't leave my head. Believe it or not, it's at 3:02 when Hayley and/or the backup singer are saying "Oh oh oh, oh oh oh..." I don't know why... it's just so catchy...
...But not as catchy as "Light As Air" is. Sorry that I already blogged that song AND it's on the playlist, but I think Deas Vail is my favorite band now! If I hadn't participated in Fine Arts this year, I think I'd still be Paramotized. (Definition: Obsessed with the American alternative rock band Paramore. Pronounced: Pair-uh-mutt-eye-zed.)
I can't get "How Great Thou Art" away from me! Am I becoming a hymn-lover? No, it can't be possible, not after completely changing the style of music I listen to from pop (over-rated!) to soft rock and now, all the way to hard drums and everything.
"I Am" is the best song by The City Harmonic. It's sad how much of an unknown band they are. Everyone knows "Manifesto", but it's over-played. And the other songs are NEVER played! I have their entire first EP, (jealous?) and am enjoying every bit of it! Can I get an "AMEN?!!!!"
Ah... legitimacy.

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